During your stay

Adjusting to a new culture

Danes are sometimes accused of being reserved and standoffish, but the reality is that we're friendly and welcoming—once you get to know us.

Learning about Danish norms and expectations can help you avoid misunderstandings and settle in quickly.

Danish work culture is unique with an emphasis on freedom with responsibility, self-management and work-life balance.

Read more about DTU's work culture.

Danish lessons

International citizens with a valid CPR number can sign up for Danish lessons organized by your local municipality. 

DTU partners with local language schools to offer classes at both our Lyngby and Risø campuses.

Corporate HR can provide you with more information on how to sign up. 

Social life

A social network can provide support and help accelerate the integration process. At DTU, we have several groups to help you meet others and expand your social and professional networks:

  • DTU Spouse Network - exclusively for international spouses and partners
  • DTU Family Day - nearly 900 people from 32 nations came together to celebrate DTU's annual Family Day

Getting around

The infrastructure surrounding public transportation in Denmark is efficient and reliable.

Learn more about public transport in general in Denmark.

Use public transportation to get to DTU's campuses.