Application terms

Conditions of use

Personal data will be treated confidentially and used only for the purposes of DTU's recruitment process. DTU must comply with all applicable Danish and EU legislation regarding the protection of personal data.

Who has access to your data?

DTU is responsible for the data, and only DTU (and PeopleXS) has access to your information. Data will not be shared with or sold to third parties.

The information you provide on the application form and the documents you upload to us will be stored electronically in the PeopleXS recruitment system. The system is owned by the Dutch company of the same name, and your data will thus be stored in the Netherlands. All data sent by you to PeopleXS and retrieved by us from the system is encrypted (https).

DTU will treat your data with strict confidentiality. Only the individuals responsible for evaluating your application will be given access to your information. Your data may also be used for statistical purposes in an anonymised form and in such a way that information pertaining to individuals cannot be extracted and associated with named individuals.

How will the data be used?

Personal data is gathered for the purpose of assessing and contacting candidates who are interested in and qualified for current or future vacancies at DTU.

The information we collect about you includes your contact details as noted on the application form (name, address, e-mail, phone number, etc.) as well as your application and your CV.

If you give us your permission to contact you at a later date in connection with a vacancy, your information will be kept on file for up to six months after the end of the recruitment process.

You can withdraw your permission at any time by contacting our HR Department at

If you accept employment with DTU, your information will be transferred to our personnel administration system, where a file will be created for you.

Additional information

You are welcome to contact our HR Department at if you have any doubts or questions about the way in which we process your application or store your data.

You will also find additional information regarding your rights on the Danish Data Protection Agency’s website (