Selection procedure

It is important to fill out the application form carefully and to target both your application letter and your CV to the job for which you are applying. Please remember to attach any relevant documentation to your application. The job advertisement will specify any documents you need to enclose.

The recruiting manager responsible for the vacancy will assess the applications and select a list of applicants to be invited for an interview.

The number of job interviews held varies depending on the type of job in question and the number of applicants, but the successful applicant will typically attend two interviews before signing a contract. For some vacancies, we may employ an evaluation tool such as a personality test during the second job interview.

Once the job interviews have been held, the applicants will be assessed and the most qualified applicant will be offered the job. We will notify you if we decide not to employ you, either by telephone or by e-mail.

We encourage you to create a job agent so notifications of future DTU vacancies can be sent directly to your mailbox.

Create a job agent here.