Master of Cyber Security (continuing education)

Know the systems, understand the risks, and shape the cyber security policies in your company. The need for cyber security is rising – do you need to upgrade your skills?

Due to the increasing digitalization in Danish society and in the rest of the world, focus has increased on IT security and the various risks companies, authorities, and citizens face. As a result, DTU Compute Continuing  Education has created a Master’s program in Cyber Security, so that companies and authorities have the  opportunity to qualify and train IT security staff and managers to deal with the increasing pressure in relation to cybercrime.

The Master’s program is especially relevant for you, if you are an IT security manager, product or project  manager,  IT architect or network architect/administrator.  But the program can be followed by anyone with an IT/digital background who wants a broad introduction and solid professional foundation in cyber security.

Recommended study plan for Master in Cyber Security

The study program for the Master in Cyber Security consists of 8 taught courses and 2 projects (incl. the final Master Project). The total workload is equivalent to one year of full-time work, but the study program is designed so that the courses and projects are taken over a 2 year period, with the possibility to develop an individual study plan that extends the program for up  to 4 years in total. All of the taught courses on the Master in Cyber Security can be taken individually.

With a Master in Cyber Security you will be able to: 

  • Develop risk assessments of your company’s  current IT security situation 
  • Develop secure IT systems 
  • Formulate security policies for IT systems

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