Credit transfer from previously passed courses

Credit transfer from previously non-completed study programmes at the same level

Upon admission, all students with previously passed courses from a non-completed Master’s Degree are required to apply for pre-commencement credit transfer. This applies for you if you have previously taken courses at another master programme at another university without having completed the whole programme.

Please apply for pre-commencement credit transfer here:

Your Head of Studies will evaluate if the credit transfer can replace mandatory courses. If this is the case the credits will be transferred to your student record with immediate effect. If it is estimated that the credit transfer can cover elective courses/optional courses, you can decide yourself whether or not you would like to transfer the credits to your MSc programme at DTU.

By reducing the group of elective courses you will also reduce some of the flexibility built in to DTU’s MSc programmes, on the other hand the length of your studies will be reduced.

The rules for pre-commencement credit transfer can be found here.

Credit transfer from previously completed study programmes

Courses from the qualifying degree

It is not possible to transfer credit points/courses from the qualifying degree as your ECTS credits cannot be counted twice (at your home university and at DTU).

If you have passed courses as part of your bachelor programme that are mandatory for your current master programme, please read the DTU Rules on “Students who have passed MSc courses on their BSc programme”.

The only situation where you might be able to transfer credits from your qualifying degree is if the nominal length of the programme is longer than required for admission at DTU. In those cases you may be able to transfer courses from the last part of the programme. This would typically require that DTU deems the last part of the programme to be at MSc level. If you have questions about this, please contact

Courses from a previous completed programme at the same level

It is possible to transfer credit points/courses from a previous completed programme at the same level as the programme you have applied to at DTU, i.e. another master's degree programme, which you have completed.

It is not possible to transfer a master thesis from one MSc programme as replacement of a master thesis in another MSc programme. However, with approval by the Head of Studies a master thesis from one MSc programme may replace courses in another MSc programme.

You can apply for a credit transfer at