Further process after applying to DTU

You have now completed your application to DTU, congratulations! You may have some questions about what happens next. We hope that you will find the answers here.

These points are applicable to applicants with a bachelor's degree acquired outside Denmark.

What happens next?

Based on the documents submitted, faculty members evaluate the academic qualifications and the ability to complete the MSc programme successfully. Once the International Admissions Office receives back the academic evaluation they will inform you of the result.

For more information on the processing time, refer to the International admission process


What if I am missing important documents?

If you have not uploaded all of the required documents, do not worry. If you are missing any documents, you will be notified via the application portal. This will allow you to upload any missing documentation.

What are the possible outcomes of my application?

You can receive one of four decisions from DTU:

1. Admission

You can be offered an unconditional admission. This means that you fulfil all of DTU’s admission requirements.

You will only be offered admission to your highest priority where you qualify for admission. This means that you will not be offered admission to all of your priorities.

2. Conditional Admission

You can be offered a conditional admission. This means that you fulfil the academic requirements but we still need some further documentation to offer you an unconditional admission. Examples of missing documentation: a valid English test, your final diploma and/or course documentation.

Your admission letter will state what documentation is missing.

3. Waiting list 

For more information on this, please refer to the International admission process

4. Rejection

This means that you do not fulfil DTU's admission requirements. The reason for your rejection will be stated in your Letter of Rejection.

NB: You have the right to appeal this decision. A description of the appeal process will be stated in your Letter of Rejection.

Credit transfer from an incomplete master

Upon admission, all students with previously passed courses from a non-completed Master’s degree are required to apply for pre-commencement credit transfer. This applies for you only if you have previously taken courses at another master programme at another university without having completed the whole programme.

For more information, follow this link.

When will I have to pay tuition fee? - non-EU/EEA citizens only

To begin the enrollment process, you need to pay the tuition fee for your first semester. The deadline for paying the tuition fee is:

  • Autumn intake: 1 May.
  • Spring intake: 1 November.

We recommend that you pay the tuition fee as soon as possible to speed up the application process for residence and work permit for students (ST1). This application process can only be started after DTU receives your tuition fee payment.

When will I know if I get a tuition fee waiver?

Those who have been granted a tuition fee waiver will be informed in April.

What about my Residence and work permit for students (ST1)? - non-EU/EEA students only

DTU will begin this process when we have received your first tuition fee instalment. DTU will then send you a username and password needed to fulfil the application for a residence and work permit for students (ST1) as well as a link to the residence permit application portal at New to Denmark, who processes your application.  

You will receive more information regarding the residence permit application process via the application portal.