Environmental Engineering (Nordic Five Tech) - joint international programme

Boost your CV by studying abroad; graduate with a double degree from two internationally acclaimed universities; spend one year abroad, and gain a unique specialization in Environmental Engineering.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental technologies and green engineering are amongst the fastest growing markets in the world, and there is increasing demand for innovative solutions and many new graduates. The Nordic Master in Environmental Engineering addresses this demand by pooling resources to create the most comprehensive degree in Environmental Engineering in the world.

The international joint master’s programme addresses some of the most pressing current political issues such as climate change, sustainable generation of energy, management and renewal of aging urban infrastructure, provision of safe drinking water, and contaminated land and waste management.

Environmental Engineering is an interdisciplinary science, bridging all the sciences and placing them in a social, economic and legal context. Within the discipline, there are four areas of predefined study tracks leading to international double degrees in Environmental Engineering.


The N5T Nordic Master in Environmental Engineering has two main focus areas:

understanding and sustainable management of impacts on the environment caused by human activities

the development of new technologies to address environmental challenges


This joint programme offers four different study tracks. Each of the four study tracks is listed below:

  • Water Resources Management
  • Urban Water and Resources Engineering
  • Residual Resource Engineering and Industrial Ecology
  • Risk Assessment

Find more information on study tracks and curricula on the programmes website.

Studying abroad jump-starts your career as employers are always looking for graduates with an international outlook and intercultural competencies. Upon graduation you are eligible to enter a PhD programme at any of the participating universities, but you are also qualitied for demanding positions in industry.

Career opportunities

Environmental technologies are experiencing very strong growth and are a megatrend in technological development. The fast growth is fueled by innovation as companies develop new products to satisfy societal demands

Universities must therefore develop the capacity to generate the graduates to meet increasing market demand, and must develop innovative and flexible educational products which can respond to the needs of a rapidly changing market. The N5T universities are ideally positioned to offer the education and tools needed for future engineers to take advantage of this Green Megatrend. Thus, a major aim of the programme is to prepare the student for a professional career through the integration of professional experience with the degree programs. This will ultimately increase quality and competitiveness, study motivation and employability.

Graduating the MSc programme with a high grade point average qualifies you for admission to PhD studies—either as an industrial PhD with concurrent employment in a company, or as a regular PhD student.

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How to apply

There is joint admission for the Nordic Master in Environmental Engineering.

Read more about admission on the programme website.

The Nordic Master in Environmental Engineering has a number of predefined study tracks. Each line is divided between two of the partner universities. This means that you spend one year (60 ECTS) at each of the two universities.

The specific universities and the order in which you stay at them are determined by your chosen study track.

Semester 1     University 1
 Semester 2   University 1
 Semester 3  University 2 
 Semester 4   University 2

Learn more about the study tracks and the curricula on the programme website.


Wenjing Zhang

Wenjing Zhang Associate Professor, Head of Section Water Technology and Processes Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering Phone: +45 45251630 Mobile: +45 20352356