N5T Extended Campus Programme - Battery Specialization

If you are already admitted to DTU’s regular MSc in Sustainable Energy Technologies the N5T Extended Campus Programme offers you a unique opportunity to specialize in battery technology.

Graphene sodium ion battery. Photo: Chalmers University

The Nordic Five Tech alliance offers Extended Campus Programmes for its Master’s degree seeking students. The programme is carried out under the Erasmus+ student mobility scheme and the programme studies will be recognized to the Master’s degree awarded by the home university.

The first specialization of N5T Extended Campus Programme is focusing on Batteries.

Programme Overview

The N5T Extended Campus Programme with a specialization in batteries offers a unique opportunity for students already admitted to DTU’s regular MSc in Sustainable Energy Technologies to specialize in battery technology. The programme is designed to provide a structured and enriching educational experience, allowing students to specialize in a chosen field at DTU and one of the N5T Partners.

The N5T Specialization Programme spans two years, with the first year dedicated to foundational studies at DTU.

This initial phase will provide a comprehensive understanding of battery fundamentals, ensuring a strong foundation for the specialized curriculum in the second year.

Coursework and Thesis

During your second year at the host university, you will complete a combination of compulsory battery related specialization courses and free electives, allowing you to tailor your studies to your specific interests.

You will also have the opportunity to conduct your thesis research under the supervision of renowned faculty members at the host university.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

1st Year always at DTU 2nd year always at an N5T Host 
60 ECTS MSc programme studies at DTU Sustainable Energy 15 ECTS Battery
See course list below.

15 ECTS Electives
Consult the webpage of your chosen 2nd year university.
30 ECTS Thesis (DTU Rules)
As a rule, the students will complete the final semester doing their thesis at the host university. In some cases, the students may opt to complete the thesis at a third N5T university or at the home university.


To be eligible for the N5T Specialization Programme, you must be an MSc student at DTU Sustainable Energy.

The deadline for applying to the Extended Campus programme with a battery specialization is February 1st for a start in the fall.

It is only possible to start in the fall semester.


Upon completion of the programme, as well as your diploma from DTU, you will receive a special N5T insert testifying that the battery specialization has been completed at DTU and a N5T university.

Head of studies

Ivano Eligio Castelli

Ivano Eligio Castelli Professor Department of Energy Conversion and Storage Phone: +45 45258206 Mobile: +45 53538491