Engineering World Health

As a student in Biomedical Engineering, you have the opportunity to join Engineering World Health (EWH). In EWH we help hospitals in developing countries with the repair and maintenance of their biomedical equipment.

It is estimated that app. 70% of the equipment in developing countries is broken. In EWH, we work to change this and have repaired a vast number of equipment since our start in 2013.

As a member, you can participate in workshops where we test and repair equipment before it is donated and in mini-courses where you learn how various equipment works etc. The biomedical engineering programme also includes a dedicated instrumentation course that prepares students for this work.

Every summer, some of our members go to a Summer Institute, e.g. in Nepal, Tanzania or Croatia.

If you are interested, join and have an impact on the future development of EWH DTU. Read more at or contacts us at