Student life at Biomedical Engineering

When you study Biomedical Engineering, the teaching takes place at DTU as well as the University of Copenhagen (KU).

Typically, you will have courses at DTU three days a week and at KU two days a week. We try to plan the courses so you only have to be at one institution at a given day. All KU teaching is located at the Panum Institute, just across from the University Hospital.

Some courses and projects will take place at a hospital within the Copenhagen area cooperating with The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

To ensure a healthy study environment and to create coherence for students attending two universities, we have established a MedTech lounge at DTU.

Students who are new to DTU/KU

You can always ask for help and guidance.

Right after study start, you will be invited to an welcome meeting by the Head of Studies, who will introduce you to the programme and offer you a Study Buddy. A Study Buddy is a person who has more experience of DTU and KU life and can advise and guide you on a variety of aspects, such as accessing information on your course and perhaps extra-curricular activities, so that you can get the most out of university life.

You are also welcome to contact any of the Student Councellors (Vektors).  

Study Council

The Study Council is a student political body with app. 40 students who meet once a month. At the meetings, they discuss professional, student political and social subjects concerning students in Biomedical Engineering, e.g., course evaluations, financial resources for social events and study start for new students.

If you would like to join and influence the programme Biomedical Engineering, please contact the President of the Student Council or Head of Studies or attend the next Study Council meeting. Contact information and meeting schedules can be found on the Study Council web pageThis web page also lists activities throughout the year that you can participate in or help organize.

Engineering World Health

As a student in Biomedical Engineering, you have the opportunity to join Engineering World Health (EWH). In EWH we help hospitals in developing countries with their medicotechnical equipment.

It is estimated that app. 70% of the equipment in developing countries is broken. In EWH we work to change this.

As a member, you can participate in workshops where we test and repair equipment before it is donated, mini courses where you learn how various equipment works etc..

Every summer, some of our member go to a Summer Institute, e.g. in Nepal or Tanzania.

If you are interested, join and have an impact on the future development of EWH DTU. Read more at or contacts us at