What can I do with an MSc in Design and Innovation

With an MSc in Design and Innovation, you can work in the fields of innovation as well as design and product development. You can also work as a designer, constructor, system developer, or as a product or development engineer in an industrial company. Furthermore, you might get the opportunity to continue your studies and do a PhD, for instance at DTU.

Job opportunities and areas of employment

Design and Innovation graduates have a host of job opportunities—in both private and public companies and as self-employed.

Examples of possible jobs and areas of employment are:

Product developer/engineer

  • product developer, design engineer, or systems developer in an industrial company
  • product developer in a design consultancy firm


  • employee in the public management and administration of technology utilization
  • R&D manager with responsibility for product or process development
  • management consultant.


  • freelancer, independent innovator, or product developer
  • entrepreneur establishing own product or service business


  • research in technical design, product development, and innovation

Innovation management

  • innovation manager of products and systems
  • innovation of processes

Pursue a PhD

Once you have an MSc in Engineering, you might get the opportunity to continue your studies and apply for admission to the three-year PhD, which at DTU is a research-based programme ranking among the best in the world. You can do either a regular PhD or an industrial PhD, the latter with concurrent employment in a company.

As a PhD student, you will be part of a research group and will carry out an independent scientific project.