The following list of recent projects illustrates the topics a MSc Eng thesis in Engineering Acoustics can have. Contact the individual teachers for current proposals

  • Viscoelastic effects in loudspeaker suspension
  • Nonlinear compensation for loudspeakers
  • Vibration sensitivity of miniature microphones
  • Energy integral equation models for use in room acoustic predictions
  • Development of concert hall design in terms of reverberation time
  • Subjective and objective assessment of environmental noise annoyance
  • Acoustical criteria for classrooms
  • Sound zones
  • Active noise control in a small enclosure
  • Improvement of the resolution in beamforming by spatial deconvolution
  • Methods of measuring impulse responses in architectural acoustics
  • Effects on reverberation on speech intelligibility in normal and hearing impaired listeners
  • Behaviour and objective measures of the precedence effect
  • Analyzing the role of spectro-temporal modulations for speech perception
  • The effects of auditory grouping on binaural processsing
  • Validation of virtual sound environment systems for testing of hearing aids