Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering Acoustics

Engineering Acoustics is an exciting research area covering a wide range of topics related to sound, hearing, audio technology and vibration.

Engineering Acoustics

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Acoustic engineering helps society by creating healthy acoustic environments and reducing harmful environmental noise. It enables to assist the hearing impaired, to design innovative architectural spaces, as well as to improve the sound quality delivered by loudspeakers and communication devices. Acoustic signals are a central part of modern signal processing, and they constitute an important source of information in the age of big data and artificial intelligence.

Sound technology is increasingly important in our society, and it is present in almost every aspect of our lives.

The Engineering Acoustics programme covers a wide range of topics within acoustics—including the fundamentals of sound propagation, advanced measurement techniques, and understanding and modelling of the human hearing system.

The MSc Eng programme thus offers a large number of courses dealing with human hearing and reaction to sound, acoustic measurement methods, electroacoustic systems and sensors, architectural acoustics, environmental acoustics, vibration control, signal processing and machine learning.

The choice of courses in the students’ individual study plan offers a high degree of flexibility. Therefore, you have every opportunity to design your own study programme and career by choosing from the wide range of courses offered at DTU.

The MSc Eng is a two-year graduate programme with a workload of 120 ECTS credit points.

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Combine work with studies

This study programme is also available as an Industry study programme where you can combine work and study over a 4-year period. Special rules apply.

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The education in Engineering Acoustics has five focus areas

Students can specialize in one or several of the subjects listed above. You can modify and tailor the study plan to your specific interests, also combining several of the focus areas listed below. These focus areas should be seen as suggestions regarding the choice of courses, to provide in-depth knowledge tailored to your interests (and not as not separate study paths). The international MSc Eng in Engineering Acoustics is unique in its broad and deep coverage of acoustics. The diversity of student preferences and technical backgrounds creates a dynamic and stimulating study environment, which is an excellent preparation for your professional career in the field.


The MSc Eng degree in Engineering Acoustics provides a good basis for global employment with electrical, audio, and audiology companies, universities and research centres, or consultancy firms specializing in acoustics. The profile of our MSc Eng students is highly valued by the acoustic industry in Denmark as well as internationally.

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