Focus areas - Mechanical Engineering

The MSc programme in Mechanical Engineering does not have study lines in the sense described in the Study Handbook (section 05 in "General curriculum for the MSc in Engineering"), but relates to disciplines or focus areas.

The five focus areas for Mechanical Engineering are:

The MSc programme in Mechanial Engineering and its disciplines cover both the systematic engineering design methods within engineering design and product development, and analysis, numerical simulation, and optimization with focus on strength of structures, fluid flows, and energy conversion.

A course of study within the MSc programme may result in a broad-based education, but it is also possible to formulate a study plan with main focus in one of the more narrowly defined disciplines described below. A course of study within one of the more narrowly defined disciplines will not be added as a specialization title on the diploma.

The disciplines can be used as guidelines for study plans, but any individual study plan may be based on more than one discipline as long as the general requirements with respect to general competences and technological specialization are satisfied.

The range of options within the MSc programme gives the possibility to influence on the individually desired academic profile. The elective courses can especially be used to obtain desired extra competences, e.g. by covering knowledge within more than one discipline within Mechanical Engineering, by choosing advanced courses from other MSc programmes, or by gaining more knowledge within e.g. economics and management.