Academic approval and admission

When applying for admission the application form must be filed in, dated and signed by the applicant and the principal supervisor and subsequently submitted to the head of the PhD school. The application form can be found via the link at the bottom of this page.
It usually takes around eight weeks to process an application. The date for commencing the study must be the first or the fifteenth of a month and it can never be retroactive. For administrative reasons, commencement in December can only take place on the first of the month and never on the fifteenth.
To be admitted to a PhD school, the applicant must obtain approval of academic qualifications, as well as approval of the funding basis for the PhD studies (the so-called “funding plan”).

  • The academic approval of the applicant’s qualifications is granted by the head of the PhD school on the basis of a recommendation from the PhD committee.
  • The head of the PhD school approves the financial foundation - including a DTU approval of the institution’s payment contributing which is part of the PhD study programme. The PhD school must ensure that funds are available for the duration of the study programme and that the funding plan covers all three years.

In addition, the candidate's diploma or an official letter containing the date of achievement of degree as well as a work and residence permit for non-EU citizens must be submitted available.

The PhD student can, at the earliest, be enrolled/employed as of the month following the academic approval and submission of the above documents. As a principal rule, at least one half of the study period must take place at DTU.
As a prerequisite condition to admission an applicant must have made an agreement with an associate professor, senior researcher, senior associate professor, or professor, who is willing to act as principal supervisor.
The application – which is prepared in consultation with the potential principal supervisor – must contain a completed application form and a project description.
The application form must contain further background information on the applicant (CV) and a description of the intended study programme as well as a short CV for the principal supervisor and a short CV for any project supervisor.
The application must be accompanied by a degree certificate (indicating the weighted grade point average). The method for calculating the weighted grade point average can be found on the right hand side.
Academic approval
On the basis of the application, the PhD school statement and possible comments from the applicant and the potential principal supervisor, the head of the PhD school will make a recommendation concerning academic approval. Recommendations of refusal must be motivated. Consideration of the application will normally be concluded within approximately eight weeks.
The approval is valid for one year from the date stamped on it by the PhD committee, unless changes are made to the planned PhD study programme.
Funding plan
A funding plan is an account of the grants available for funding a PhD study programme. The plan must document that funding is available for the entire study period. If the applicant is awarded a DTU stipend, this must be stated in the funding plan.

The head of the PhD school must approve the funding plan.
(The “Økonomisektion" affiliated with the department of employment can help filling in the funding plan).
Please be aware that:

  • It is a condition for co-financing from DTU that the PhD student is employed at DTU.
  • A copy of the letter granting financial aid is enclosed.
  • The relevant funding model must be stated.

The PhD school sends the approved funding plan via DTU DOCX to PhD Administration & Development.
Procedure for employment of salaried PhD scholarship holders
Payment of salary to and employment of PhD scholarship holders takes place according to the circular from the Ministry of Finance regarding the agreement for salaried PhD scholarship holders as well as the circular on salary for PhD students for tasks in connection with the PhD research education.
DTU Corporate HR is responsible for preparing the employment letter.