Qualifications framework for PhD students at DTU

Persons obtaining the PhD degree will have achieved:  

1. Knowledge and understanding

Must possess knowledge at the highest international level within the research field.

  • Achieved through intensive and targeted PhD courses, summer schools or workshops.  And, as something completely essential, a thorough and up to date knowledge of the field's literature central to the area has been acquired
Must have made a significant contribution to the development of new knowledge and understanding within the research field based on scientific studies.
  • The work with the PhD project generates new knowledge suitable for international level publication and possibly patenting. 

2. Skills

Must master the scientific methodologies and tools as well as master other skills related to research and development tasks within the field.

  • These skills are acquired through the project work. The skills are developed collaborating with other institutions and are strengthened in advanced and targeted courses.

Must be able to analyse, evaluate and develop new ideas, including design and develop new techniques and skills within the subject area.

  • This is achieved while working with the project testing new theories and hypotheses and in working with colleagues globally. 

Must be able to participate in international discussions within the subject area and disseminate scientific findings and progress to a wider audience.

  • Project results provide an obvious opportunity to publish in international journals and conferences. The type and content of the communication is adapted to the audience with respect to both academic level and pedagogical instruments


3. Competences

Must be able to plan and carry out research and development tasks of limited scope and duration.

  • The competence is developed in planning the PhD project, through targeted courses, and in exchange and coordinating with other projects. Is also acquired at project meetings in the short- and long-term planning of the PhD project.

Must be able under supervision to start up and develop national and international collaboration on research and development with businesses and other research institutions.

  • The competence is obtained by building networks at conferences, organizing the research stay abroad, and participating and showing interest in other relevant research activities.

Must be able under supervision to initiate research and development projects and, through these, generate new knowledge and new skills which develop the research field.

  • Is achieved by participation not only in one's own project, but also as contributor to the academic supervisor/research group's new project initiatives, and possibly by initiating, for example, final projects during the PhD.