PhD association

PhD Association DTU is a voluntary association consisting of PhD Students enrolled at DTU. All of the nearly 1500 PhD students at DTU are natural members of the association. Postdocs and research assistants can participate in the PhD Association as well.

Purposes of the PhD Association

PhD Association DTU is run by a board of volunteer PhD students. The board works towards improving the conditions for PhD students at DTU here and now, and seeks to improve the general research environment for the PhD students. At DTU, the PhD association is a collective voice of the PhD students to the central administrative committees such as the PhD committees. In this capacity, the association ensures that the specific needs of the PhD candidates are not ignored while still guaranteeing the quality of a PhD degree.

The PhD association organizes several events throughout the year for the PhD students. The events include career oriented seminar talks by HR personnel from reputed companies and research institutes, talks by PhD graduates on career prospects after a PhD, workshops on dealing with stress, talks/workshops on creating a start-up company, recreational social events and much more. Information about the events that are organized by the PhD association can be found in DTU Inside, the association’s website and/or on our social media pages.

History of the PhD Association and Bigger Framework

PhD Association DTU was formed in November 1993 because of the growing discontent with the PhD reform that had just been introduced at the time. It was the first PhD association of its kind in Denmark. Since then, several other PhD associations have been set up at the other Danish universities. PhD association DTU is a member of the PhD Association Network of Denmark – PAND (, who represents Denmark at the European level as a member of Eurodoc (