Fellows, current and previous


Type of fellowship  Name  ORCID iD  Department  
 Postdoc Adane Tilahun Getachew, Ethiopia   DTU Food
Project: Sequential biorefinery of bioactive compounds from Nordic brown alga Fucus vesiculosus and mapping their seasonal variations
 Senior Ana Teresa Macas Lima, Portugal   DTU Civil Engineering
Project: Electrokinetics removes rare earth metals from polluted soil
 Postdoc Cameron James Hunt, Australia   DTU Bioengineering
Project: Engineering of a microbial Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) hydrolysing esterase for degradation of polluting plastics
Postdoc Fabian Johannes Scheller, Germany   DTU Management 
Project: Socio-technical modelling of low carbon technology adoption: The role of actor dynamics in energy transitions at the municipal level 
Senior Felix Gunkel, Germany   DTU Energy 
Project:Tailored 2D-ion conduction at oxide heterointerfaces
Postdoc Galina Pankratova, Russia   DTU Nanolab 
Project: Autonomous photoelectrochemical cells for biological water desalination
Postdoc Manuel José Nieto Domínguez, Spain   DTU Biosustain
Project: Design of synthetic metabolisms for novel fluorochemicals in cell-free systems
 Postdoc Marine Frouin, France   DTU Nutech 
Project: Extending the age limit of luminescence dating using Infrared- Radiofluorescence on individual grains
 Postdoc Mohammad Kadivar, Iran   DTU Health Technology
Project: Ultra-deep characterization of anti-cancer immune response to facilitate precision-targeting of non-small cell lung cancer
Postdoc Muhammad Ahmed Khan, Pakistan   DTU Health Technology 
Project: Design, Development and Testing of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) based Neurorehabilitation Device for Post-Stroke Patients
Postdoc Olga Gordivska, Ukraine   DTU Chemistry
Project: Tailoring Metal-Organic Frameworks for Base Metal Electrocatalysis
Postdoc Ramato Ashu Tufa, Ethiopia   DTU Energy
Project: Bipolar membrane supported flow cells for cost-efficient and selective electrochemical CO2 reduction
Postdoc Ricardo Forigiarini Rupp, Brasil   DTU Civil Engineering
Project: Indoor environment in mixed-mode and HVAC buildings in Denmark: contextual differences and energy consumption
Postdoc Saket Patel, India   DTU Health Technology
Project:Investigating brain metabolism with Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance
 Postdoc Sarah Hedberg, Sweden    DTU Chemistry
Project: Early Prediction of Formulation Behaviour for New Biologics 
Postdoc Sven Puchinger, Germany   DTU Compute
Project: Post-Quantum Cryptography using Algebraic Codes 
Postdoc Tingting Zhu   DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: Performance optimization of heat pumps using zeotropic mixtures as working fuilds
Postdoc Timothy Patrick Jenkins, Great Britain    DTU Bioengineering 
Project: Droplet microfluidics guided discovery of DARPin-based antitoxins 
Postdoc Tobias Reinauer, Germany   DTU Management 
Project: Open Source-based Capability building In LATEcomer firms
 Postdoc Tomasz Pawel Prytula, Poland   DTU Compute
 Project: Boundaries of Spaces with Non-Positive Curvature: automorphism groups, dynamics, and controllability
 Postdoc Vanessa Jane Bukas, Great Britain   DTU Physics
 Project: Electrochemical nitrogen reduction as a sustainable route to ammonia
 Postdoc Xianhui Li, China   DTU Chemical Engineering
Project: A ceramic-based enzymatic nanofiltration membrane for efficient removal of micro-pollutants
 Postdoc Yuzhu Li, China 0000-0002-3650-6551 DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: SUBSEA:SimUlating Breaking waves and SEdiment trAnsport with stabilized turbulence models



Type of fellowship       Name ORCID iD Department
 Postdoc Aarti Tiwari, India    DTU Physics
Project: Identifying the active site on Copper electrodes for CO2 reduction towards renewable energy production
 Postdoc Alessandro Perelli, Italy 0000-0002-0511-2293  DTU Compute
Project: Deep and Randomized Imaging For Tomography
 Postdoc Arthur Pinon, France   DTU Electrical Engineering
Project: Transportable Hyperpolarized Metabolites for Magnetic Resonance Imaging via Photo Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
Babak Rezaei, Iran DTU Nanotech
Project: Autonomous Energy Sources based On Miniaturized Enzymatic biofuel cell
 Postdoc Bo Tian, China 0000-0002-5249-4415  DTU Nanotech
Proejct: Towards scalable and affordable point-of-care molecular flavivirus diagnostics
 Postdoc Chankyu Son, South Korea 0000-0002-5361-1644  DTU Wind Energy
Project: Development of the state-of-the-art Icing Simulation Code for Wind Turbine
 Postdoc David Roberson, USA 0000-0002-4463-8095  DTU Compute
Project: Quantum Isomorphisms: A Bridge between Quantum Groups and Quantum Information
 Postdoc Ernesto Jusayan Guades, Filippines 0000-0002-1137-9824 DTU Civil Engineering 
Project: Development of hybrid fiber-reinforced geopolymer concrete (FRGPC) for application in rehabilitating building and bridge structures
 Postdoc Fábio Sabino, Portugal 0000-0003-0529-467X DTU Bioengineering
Project: Glycoengineering of cancer proteases and their substrates in the extracellular space
 Postdoc Fengwen Kang, China   DTU Fotonik
Project: Toward Group V Two-Dimensional Mid-infrared Light Emitting Diodes
 Postdoc Jing Tu, China    DTU Nanotech
Project: Multi-compartment drug delivery vehicles to bypass multidrug resistance in triple negative breast cancer
 Postdoc Mahmood Laghari, Pakistan 0000-0002-7804-0067 DTU Chemical Engineering
Project: Optimal ThErmal Management of secondary biomass resources for P and Energy Recovery in a modern society
Assistant/Associate professor Massimiliano Rossi, Italy   DTU Physics 
Project: Smart General Defocusing Particle Tracking: Machine-learning-based 3D cell tracking in acoustofluidic devices
 Postdoc Navid Ranjbar, Iran 0000-0002-1485-3931 DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: 3D-Printable Reinforced Geopolymers
 Postdoc Shota Tsuru, Japan    DTU Chemistry
Project: Tracking photochemical reactions with time-resolved near-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy 
 Postdoc Sonja Kunstmann, Germany  0000-0001-8224-0953
DTU Bioengineering
Project: Engineering starch oxidizing enzymes for broad substrate specificity and product range applications
 Postdoc Tiia-Riikka Kittilä, Finland  0000-0003-2603-4797
DTU Biosustain
Project: Engineering fluorinase enzyme for the bioproduction of new-to-Nature fluorochemicals
Assistant/Associate professor Thomas Greve, Denmark   DTU Space
Project: Harnessing the power of carbon as a tracer of cosmic gas
 Postdoc Tommy Norin, Denmark 0000-0003-4323-7254
DTU Aqua
Project: Is trait diversity and consistency key to predicting invasiveness of non-native fish?
 Postdoc Vinay Yadav, India 0000-0002-7015-801X DTU Management Engineering
Project: Estimating Global Environmental Releases and Impacts of plastics
 Postdoc                       Xinxin Xiao 0000-0002-0240-0038
DTU Chemistry
Project: Development of a wearable photobiobattery



Type of fellowship  Name  ORCID iD   Department
Postdoc Andrea Capozzi, Italy
0000-0002-2306-9049 DTU Electrical Engineering
Project: Generating long-lasting transportable hyperpolarized substrates via Dynamic Nuclear Polarization and thermal annihilation of photo-induced radicals
 Postdoc  Anna Dragos (née Oslizlo), Poland  0000-0003-4136-986X DTU Bioengineering
Project: Role of prophages in ecology and evolution of Bacillus
 Postdoc  Bo Wang, China 0000-0001-7381-4687 DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: Nitrogen expanded austenite on austenitic stainless steel with superior load-bearing capacity: synthesis, characterization and performance
 Postdoc Chengfang Pang, China

DTU Environment 
Project: Realistic Environmental Exposure and Hazard Assessment of Nanoscale Copper Phthalocyanine
 Postdoc Ding Zhao, China 0000-0001-9084-1521 DTU Danchip
Project: Nanoscale interactions between electrons and ice: Towards the ultimate resolution of ice lithography
Postdoc  Diptesh Dey, India 
DTU Chemistry
Project: Laser induced control of molecules and chemical reactions
 Postdoc Emily Riley, Great Britain
DTU Aqua (DTU Physics)  
Project: Flagellate Flow Fields: Trade-offs and Variability
Postdoc Gaurava Kumar Jaisawal, India
DTU Space
Project: NICER views of neutron stars' physics
Postdoc Helena Junicke, Germany 
 0000-0002-2513-2486 DTU Chemical Engineering
Project: Novel concepts for biobutanol production using mixed microbial cultures
Postdoc Lorena Fernández-Cabezón, Spain
0000-0001-7204-9493 DTU Biosustain
Project: Re-shaping central metabolism in Pseudomonas putida for White Biotechnology purposes
Assistant/Associate professor  Mariusz Kubus, Poland 0000-0002-1764-0376 DTU Chemistry
Project: Design, Synthesis and Characterization of 2D Metal-Organic Framework Materials: From Bulk to Nanostructures
Postdoc Matthias Wiesenberger, Germany
0000-0002-5921-0163  DTU Physics
Project: Particle Acceleration in Reconnection EventS
 Postdoc Petr Witz, Czech Republic    DTU Management Engineering
Project: Consolidating and operationalizing theories of genuine public participation in large-scale engineering projects
Postdoc Prasanna Kadirvelayutham, India  0000-0003-3619-1438
DTU Energy 
Project: High-Capacity 2D Electrode Materials For Magnesium Ion Batteries
Postdoc Prasant Singh, India   DTU Compute
Project: Understanding Schubert Codes 
Postdoc Romina Henriques, Portugal
  DTU Aqua
Project: Genomic analyses of DNA from archived white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) jaws 
Postdoc Sarvesh Kumar Srivastava, India
  DTU Nanotech
 Postdoc Shengda Zhang, China
  DTU Bioengineering
Project: Biosynthetic pathways and expression platforms for marine bioactive compounds
Postdoc Shi Jia, China     DTU Fotonik 
Project:  Tbit/s THz Photonics Wireless Communication
Assistant/Associate professor   Stanislav Borysov, Ukraine 
DTU Management Engineering
Project: Deep Statistical Modeling for Transport Systems in Contex
Postdoc Xiaowei Zhu, China 
0000-0002-1801-4609 DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: Multi-objective optimization of microstructure enhanced plate heat exchangers for organic Rankine cycle power systems 
Postdoc Yiqiang Wang, China  0000-0003-1813-7446
DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: Cellular Structural Topology Optimisation for Additive Manufacturing 



Type of fellowship Name ORCID iD Department
Postdoc Alexis Duchesne, France
0000-0002-8044-0916 DTU Physics
Project: A CorneR In A Hurricane: the facetting of a magnetically controlled rotating flow in calefaction state (ACRIAH)
Postdoc Ali Davoudinejad, Iran 0000-0001-6564-6679 DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: Micro 3D Additive Manufacturing and Integrated Process Chains (MICRO-AM)
Postdoc Davide Bacco, Italy 0000-0002-7757-4331 DTU Fotonik
Project: Quick Quantum Distribution (QQuaD)
Postdoc Deepak Jain, India

DTU Fotonik
Project: High Power Supercontinuum Sources (Hi-POSS)
Postdoc Diana Saturnino, Portugal 0000-0001-5032-0190 DTU Space
Project: A modified virtual magnetic observatory scheme with application to Swarm satellite constellation measurements (Swarm-VO)
Postdoc Dmitrii Pankratov, Russia

DTU Chemistry
Project: Implantable biosupercapacitors using ultra-thin and robust nanobiocomposites (BioSuperCap)
Postdoc Emilio Martínez Pañeda, Spain
DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: MICRO scale METAL plasticity: fundamentals and applications (MICROMETAL)
Postdoc Filipe Rodrigues, Portugal
0000-0001-6979-6498 DTU Management Engineering
Project: Transportation in context: from explaining the past to predicting the future using information mined from the Web (TrIC)
Postdoc Floor Soudijn, Holland
DTU Aqua
Project: Linking marine fish production to patterns in copepod dynamics (FishPod)
Postdoc Kristen Kaasbjerg, Denmark
0000-0003-3477-2028 DTU Nanotech
Project: Quantum information processing in two-dimensional materials (QIP2D)
Postdoc Liguan Li, China DTU Environment
Project: Plasmid transfer in microbial communities of wastewater treatment plants: novel insights from metagenomic analysis (P-TransPlant)
Postdoc Marlène Vuillemin, France
  DTU Chemical Engineering
Project: Novel route to humanized glycoproteins by designed trans-sialidases (DESIGNGLYCO)
Postdoc Priyanka Singh, India DTU Biosustain
Project: Green Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles: The Metabolic Engineering Approach (GS-NaP)
Postdoc Qingming Deng, China  0000-0002-5293-0256
DTU Energy
Project: Computational design of novel low-cost catalysts for the oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation reaction (CompOx)
Postdoc Vinayaka Aaydha Chidambaa, India DTU Food
Project: Aptamer functionalized Integrated Lab-on-a-chip for on-site foodborne pathogen detection(APTALABCHIP)
Postdoc Vincent Neiger, France
DTU Compute
Project: Structured polynomial linear algebra and applications to decoding algorithms (SPLADA)
Postdoc Wei Qiu, China
DTU Physics
Project: On-chip manipulation of nanoparticles by controlled acoustic streaming: theory and experiment (NANOPARTICLEACOUSTICS)
Postdoc Zhengtao Ai, China 0000-0003-2635-2170 DTU Civil Engineering
Project: Dynamics and time scales of airborne transmission in indoor environments (DOSE)



Type of fellowship Name ORCID iD Department
Postdoc Albert Granados,Spain
0000-0001-9232-7120 DTU Compute
Project: Optimization of energy harvesting systems by scattering methods
Postdoc Albert Kilian Engstfeld, Germany 0000-0002-9686-3948 DTU Physics
Project: Fundamental studies of the catalysis of electrochemical fuel production
Postdoc Alexey Dudnik, Kasakhstan 0000-0002-5328-0291 DTU Biosustain
Project: Development of tools for precise genome engineering in lactic acid bacteria and their implementation in construction of bacterial cell factories
Postdoc Christoph Köhn, Germany
DTU Space
Project: Modellingof hard emissions from discharges including feedback physics
Postdoc Christos Tserkezis, Greece 0000-0002-2075-9036 DTU Fotonik
Project: Emitter-plasmon hybrid nanostructures: optical response beyond classical electrodynamics
Postdoc Chuang Wen, China
DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: CO2condensation and separation from natural gas using a novel supersonic separation process
Postdoc Deepak Marla, India
DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: Effects of auditory nerve and cochlear damage on auditory attention
Postdoc Golbarg Mehraei, USA
0000-0002-0389-8632 DTU Electrical Engineering
Project:Transportation in context: from explaining the past to predicting the future using information mined from the Web (TrIC)
Postdoc Ji Zhang, China
DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: Experimental analysis of heat transfer and pressure drop using zeotropic mixtures in plate heat exchangers for low-grade heat to power conversion
Postdoc Julia Hütter, Germany
0000-0003-3477-2028 DTU Veterinary
Project: Analysis of the functional role of different intestinal DC subsets in the induction of mucosal IgA
Postdoc Jun Wu, China DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: Interactive Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing
Postdoc Khuong Van Dinh, Vietnam
0000-0003-0766-9148 DTU Aqua
Project: Marine pelagic secondary production under environmental stress - impacts of climate change and oil exposure
Postdoc Maryam Jokar, Iran 0000-0002-1485-2365 DTU Food
Project: Fate and Behaviour of Nano-Structured Metal particles Released From Food Contact Materials in Gastrointestinal Tract Model
Postdoc Mátyás Imre Pápai, Hungary 0000-0002-4819-0611
DTU Chemistry
Project: Quantum Dynamics of Photoinduced Processes in Transition-Metal-Based Functional Molecules
Postdoc Michal Wagner, Poland DTU Chemistry
Project: Development of quinones-enriched gold nanoparticles for energy storage and bioelectrochemistry
Postdoc Nicki Frank Hinsche, Germany
0000-0002-0176-6038 DTU Physics
Project: Electron-phonon & electron-electron coupling in nanostructured thermoelectric materials
Postdoc Pieter Daniël van Denderen, Holland
0000-0001-6351-0241 DTU Aqua
Project: Density-dependent regulation in marine fish and its consequences for their sustainable exploitation
Postdoc Platon Gkamaletsos, Greece 0000-0002-1171-9032 DTU Cen
Project: Nanoscale electron microscopic investigation of strategic & hazardous elements in critical raw materials and metallurgical residues
 Postdoc Shiyu Gan, China
0000-0002-5495-4585 DTU Physics
Project: Graphene and graphene-like two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials stabilized hierarchical Si-photocathodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting
 Postdoc Tae Kwang Ha, South Korea
DTU Biosustain
Project: Enhancement of therapeutic protein production in CHO cells: Coping with the ER stress



Type of fellowship Name ORCID iD Department
Postdoc Nurdagül Anbar, Turkey
  DTU Compute
Project: Algebraic curves with many rational points
Postdoc Jürgen Frikel, Germany   DTU Compute
Project: Insights and algorithms for incomplete data tomography
Postdoc Timur Iskhakov, Russia   DTU Physics
Project: On-chip quantum sensing
Postdoc Rayisa Moiseyenko, Ukraine

DTU Physics
Project: Particles sorting and manipulation by using surface waves and phononic crystal guided modes in microfluidic channels
Postdoc Chengyi Hou, China   DTU Chemistry
Project: Free-standing graphene papers for solar energy storage and conversion 
Postdoc Ling Zhang, China

DTU Chemistry
Project: Electronic properties and surface facet effects of noble metal and semiconductor nanocrystals as catalysts in pure and applied bioelectrochemistry
Postdoc Liang Mu, China

DTU Chemical Engineering
Project: Carbon neutral energy production by hydrate swapping
Postdoc Alicia Jiménez Fernández, Spain
  DTU Biosustain
Project: Gene expression associated with adaptation and evolution of bacteria colonizing human airways
Postdoc Daniele Stradi, Italy
DTU Nanotech
Project: Computational design of graphene interfaces for nano-electronics
Postdoc Paul Kempen, USA
0000-0003-2179-2257 DTU Nanotech
Project: Correlative electron microscopy to characterize the effectiveness of antibody targeted nanoparticles for cancer research
Postdoc Vida Krikstolaityte, Lithuania DTU Nanotech
Project: Development of a lab-on-a-swab sensing platform
Postdoc Beniamino Iandolo, Italy 0000-0002-5807-3531 DTU Danchip
Project: And there will be light - photocatalysis and optical spectroscopy inside an environmental TEM
Postdoc Evangelos Katsanos, Greece 0000-0003-2574-5327 DTU Civil Engineering
Project: An integrated platform for multi-hazard risk assessment of critical civil infrastructures
Postdoc Pradip Kalbar, India 0000-0002-1436-3609
DTU Management Engineering
Project: Improving the assessment of urban water systems applying coupled urban metabolism and life cycle assessment studies
Postdoc Govindan Puthumana, India 0000-0001-7080-4109 DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: Real time electrode wear hybrid compensation strategies for micro electrical discharge milling of complex 3D features (REAL EDM-3D)
Postdoc Mahsa Seyyedian Choobi, Iran
  DTU Mechanical Engineering
Project: Analysis of complex resistance welding processes
Postdoc Majid Haddad Momeni, Iran
DTU Systems Biology
Project: Expanding the toolbox for plant biomass modification and combating fungal pathogenic attack on major crops: Novel lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases from major plant pathogenic fungi
Postdoc Phuoc Long Truong, Vietnam   DTU Food
Project: Development of a plasmonics-based lab-on-a-chip system for rapid detection and identification of foodborne pathogens (PLASMOLABCHIP)
Postdoc Subhendu Chakraborty, India
0000-0002-2904-9313 DTU Aqua
Project: Trait-based models of marine secondary production
Postdoc Sofia Piltz, Finland

DTU Aqua
Project: Models for marine ecosystems with adaptive behaviour