Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Academic Coordinator Center for Biosustainability 27 MAY 20
Head of Department for the National Space Institute (DTU Space) HR 27 MAY 20
PhD scholarship in Data-driven Maintenance Optimization DTU Mechanical Eng 27 MAY 20
PhD Scholarship in Metagenomics DTU Health Tech 27 MAY 20
PhD project: Integration of water pit heat storages in energy systems DTU Civil Eng 27 MAY 20
Postdoc in Metabolic Engineering and Fermentation Center for Biosustainability 28 MAY 20
Postdoc in Manufacturing and properties of fiber composites DTU Wind Energy 28 MAY 20
Liaison Officer for representation in Brussels Office for Research Consultancy and Innovation (AFRI) 28 MAY 20
Research Assistant in Climate Change Impacts and Spatial Analyses DTU Management 28 MAY 20
Design and Visual Communications Officer IT Service 29 MAY 20
PhD Scholarship in Sea State Estimation DTU Mechanical Eng 29 MAY 20
Postdoc in Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation DTU Health Tech 29 MAY 20
PhD scholarship in polymer electrolyte membranes for water electrolysis DTU Energy 29 MAY 20
R&D Engineer in Radioecology and Tracer Studies DTU Environment 30 MAY 20
PhD scholarship in Numerical Framework for All-Optical Reservoir Computing DTU Fotonik 31 MAY 20