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Research's solutions to big societal challenges

DTU’s research helps to develop sustainable technological solutions to some of the main challenges facing the world within areas such as the environment and climate, energy supply, health, food, IT, transport, and construction.

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About DTU's research

DTU's objective is to be a national centre for technological development through education, research, innovation, and scientific consultancy. 

Our focus is technical-scientific research which contributes to the development of society. 

As a business-oriented university, our aim is to deliver research at a high international level, which is based on the link between theory and model-building and empiricism.


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Research facilities at DTU

DTU has a number of unique research facilities, and contributes with instrumentation and data processing for several joint
European facilities.

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Research areas at DTU

DTU’s research areas range widely within the natural science and technical fields. DTU focuses on basic research and solutions to global societal challenges.

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Priser og bevillinger til forskning på DTU

Grants from private and public pools allow DTU to strive for research breakthroughs.

DTU follows a number of principles to ensure that its research is of a high quality and credibility.