Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Management Studies DTU Management 20 FEB 22
Professor in Multiscale Modeling of Energy Technologies and Systems DTU Energy 01 FEB 22
PhD project: Recovery of phosphorous and removal of heavy metals from lake sediment by electrodialysis DTU Civil Eng 31 JAN 22
PhD scholarship in Diamond Sensing and Optical Manipulation DTU Health Tech 31 JAN 22
Professor in Ecology of Marine Fishes DTU Aqua 24 JAN 22
Professor in Environmental Impact of Maritime Activities DTU Aqua 24 JAN 22
Postdoc in Formulation Development for Gene Delivery Therapies DTU Health Tech 15 JAN 22
Postdoc in Molecular Biology for Gene Delivery Project DTU Health Tech 15 JAN 22
Professor in Marine Technology and Observation DTU Aqua 10 JAN 22
DTU Tenure Track Researcher in Food Microbiology and Hygiene DTU Food 10 JAN 22
Postdoc in Data-driven Modelling of Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers DTU Compute 10 JAN 22
PhD scholarship in Digital Moulding 4.0 – Advanced Process Analytics for Zero-Defect Injection Moulding Technology DTU Mechanical Eng 10 JAN 22
Postdoc in Environmental Microbiology DTU Environment 10 JAN 22
Software Engineer to world-class research environment DTU Space 09 JAN 22
PhD scholarship in Atomic-Resolution Electron Microscopy in Catalysis DTU Physics 09 JAN 22