Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
PhD scholarship in polymer electrolyte membranes for water electrolysis DTU Energy 29 MAY 20
Postdoc Fellowship in Multi-scale and Multi-physics Battery Modelling DTU Energy 31 MAY 20
Postdoc in atomic scale simulations of the CO2 reduction at the solid-liquid interface DTU Energy 31 MAY 20
Phd-project: Development of novel durable solid oxide electrolysis cells DTU Energy 02 JUN 20
PhD project; Development of catalysts for the direct electrolysis of seawater DTU Energy 15 JUN 20
Postdoc in Electrofuels for sustainable transportation – cost assessment and system optimisation DTU Energy 15 JUN 20
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Experimental Electro-Catalysis for Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage DTU Energy 19 JUN 20
Postdoc position in hydrothermal synthesis of ferroelectric oxides DTU Energy 19 JUN 20
Professor in Mesoscopic Energy Materials and Devices DTU Energy 19 JUN 20
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