Meet DTU students from around the world

Meet MSc students from different countries and different study programmes.

Carolin from Technology Entrepreneurship

Watch A day in the life of a Technology Entrepreneurship student
Carolin, Technology Entrepreneurship

Mareen from Wind Energy

Mareen, Wind Energy

Laura from Aquatic Science and Technology

Laura, Aquatic Science and Technology

Christoffer from Design and Innovation

Christoffer, Design and Innovation

Anant from Sustainable Energy

Anant, Sustainable Energy

How is student life at DTU?

Three international MSc students armed with a camera tell prospective students what life is like at DTU.

Amy from Ireland

Amy from Ireland MSc Eng in Food Technology: “The most surprising thing about DTU is that there is very little distance between you as a student and the professors. They give you a lot of room to challenge what they say, so you learn to challenge knowledge.”

Hugo from Spain

Hugo from Spain MSc in Petroleum Engineering ”DTU provides you with the facilities to set up your own company. This entrepreneurship opportunity is my favourite aspect of DTU.”

Raj from India

Raj from India, MSc in Civil Engineering: ”I am really very proud of my University, DTU, because it is one of the top technical universities in the world.”