Sports and social life

DTU has a large selection of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Indoors you can play soccer (football), Indiaca and badminton, dance, sing, attend yoga classes, sweat it out in the fitness centre, or get in shape for your next skiing holiday.

Outdoors you can play soccer (football), rugby, basket, or beach volleyball. You can also go sailing on Øresund or soar through the air in a hang glider. Check out your options on Sports at DTU.

5 km jogging trail

Photo: Thorkild Amdi Christensen


DTU has its own jogging trail on campus. Each year DTU's student union, Polyteknisk Forening (PF), holds a Fun Run on the Friday before the autumn holidays begin.

Festive events

DTU and PF arrange two huge parties each year: the Indian Summer Party in September and the Annual Commemoration Day in April or May.

Throughout the year several other parties are held on campus and in the S-Huset.

Indian Summer Party

Kicks off the autumn semester! DTU sets up huge tents outdoors where the various study programmes hold creative theme parties.

Annual Commemoration Day

The Commemoration Day is a festive highlight in the academic calendar. The President of DTU is on hand to welcome royalty, students, and staff.

The programme is a festive mixture of speeches, award ceremonies, banquet, dancing, and music into the wee small hours of the morning.

You might notice that the Danes have a rather relaxed attitude to alcohol and that most of your fellow students enjoy a beer or two. However you will probably also notice that the majority know how to hold their liquor.


Friday cafes

On Lyngby Campus


Photo: Mikal Schlosser

    S-Huset (S-House) is the common name for several activities and cafés in Building 101—e.g. the Coffee Lounge, the Fireplace Lounge, and the Basement Bar which is open on all weekdays—and some Saturdays—from 7 p.m until the wee hours of the mornings. Free concerts, Friday Rock, on some Fridays.

  • Diagonalen – in Building 116 in the 1st quadrant. The bar is open every Friday from noon to 9 p.m. 

  • Etherrummet –in Building 208 in the 2nd quadrant. 

  • Hegnet –in the canteen in Building 342 in the 3rd quadrant. Open every Friday from 2 - 9 p.m.

  • Maskinen –in Building 358 in the 3rd quadrant. Open Fridays from noon – 11 p.m.

  • Diamanten – in Building 414 in the 4th quadrant. Open Fridays. Check their Facebook page for details. 

On Ballerup Campus


Photo: Mikal Schlosser

  • S-Huset
    S-Huset (S-House) is a café where you can buy food and drinks at student-friendly prices ( with further discounts for PF-members). It is a relaxing place to hang out or recharge your batteries for the next lecture with a game on the PlayStation 4.

  • Verners Kælder—Friday café with pool, table tennis, and foosball. Open Fridays from 1.30 p.m. – 5 a.m. 
    Verners Kælder on Facebook.


Friday Bars are popular among the students!