Brush-up courses in mathematics

Mathematics is fundamental to the teaching at DTU’s study programmes. As a student, your math skills must be up to a certain standard. To give you the best study start and help you get through your education, DTU offers brush-up courses in mathematics. DTU expects you to at least take the online course in mathematics before study start to be well-prepared for life as a student.

When and where?

DTU's mathematics brush-up course consists of two parts:

  1. A purely online part on DTU's mathematics portal, where you work independently on the assignments. You must have worked with the different task sets in the online part before you can sign up for the physical course.
  2. A part with physical attendance at Ballerup Campus Monday mid-August 2024 at 9:30 am - 2:00 pm.

What does the mathematics portal contain?

On the mathematics portal, you will find a short introductory test and a selection of problem sets divided into topics. The different task sets can be trained as many times as you like.

You get immediate feedback and a sense of whether you are ready to start studying at DTU or whether there are topics that you need to brush up on.

If you encounter a difficult assignment, you can contact our teaching assistants by phone or email.

How to participate?

Log in to the mathematics portal, which opens on 3 August 2024.

Log in with your DTU login. (You can order this on 3 August at the earliest. Be aware that it can take up to three hours from ordering your DTU login until you gain access to the mathematics portal.)

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox when signing in to the portal. NOTE! Once signed in, please select the Maple TA tab to proceed.

Log on to the Mathematics portal

If you have been offered a standby admission or been admitted to a vacant place, you can access the mathematics portal from 16 August. 

Who is the course aimed at?

If you have achieved an average grade in math of 4 or less on your entrance exam, if you have not used math for some years, or if the mathematics portal does not offer you sufficient training, DTU highly recommends that you participate in the brush-up math course. Please note that this course is offered in Danish only.

You are welcome even if you have a high average grade or do well on the mathematics portal. The course cannot replace the entry requirement Mathematics A but is solely an offer of a refresher.

What does the course feature?

The course includes training in basic arithmetic/mathematics in topics from the upper secondary school syllabus up to and including mathematics at level A:

  • Logarithms, fractions, squaring of numbers, squaring of binomials
  • Equations, quadratic polynomials
  • Differentiable functions
  • Composite and inverse functions
  • Integration
  • Differential equations
  • Vectors
  • Parameter curves, vector functions

You will need a calculator for the course and something to write on. You do not need to acquire a new calculator; just use the one you may have.

How to sign up

You sign up for the four-day brush-up mathematics course on the mathematics portal.

Log in with your DTU login. We recommend you use Google Chrome or Firefox when signing in to the portal.

Registration deadline: 16 August 2024 at noon.

Log on to the Mathematics portal

If you have been offered standby admission or been admitted via a vacant study place, you can access the Mathematics portal from 16 August.

Where can I get help?

Do you need help logging on to the mathematics portal? Read our guide on how to log on.

If you have questions regarding the mathematics portal, please write to

Please note that you cannot receive SU or Ungdomskort in connection with the brush-up curse in mathematics. You cannot receive SU and Ungdomskort for your study programme before September 2024.

Please contact the SU Office if you have questions regarding SU or Ungdomskort.