New at DTU - intro for BSc students

Welcome as a new student at DTU! On this page you can find all the information you need to get a good start in your studies - both academically and socially and if you have special needs.

Get ready for study start


1. Order username and password for DTU's digital platforms

As a new student at DTU, you need to quickly get started using DTU's digital platforms. To gain access, you must have a username and password.

2. Order a student card

All students at DTU must have a valid student card. The card serves as identification, access card and library card at DTU Library.

3. Apply for SU and Youth Card

You can apply for SU once you have been admitted to your study programme. You can receive SU from September at the earliest.

4. Take our brush-up course in mathematics

To give you the best study start and help you make it through your studies well, DTU offers brush-up courses in mathematics. We expect you to at least complete our online course in mathematics before starting your studies.

5. A new DTU Campus app

DTU has launched a new app for students and employees. Use the app to find your way around campus and for seeing the menus at our many different places to eat.

6. Sign up for the welcome day and introductory course

During the welcome day, you meet your fellow students, see the campus and are introduced to your field of study. After the welcome day, you have the opportunity to participate in one of our four intro courses.

7. Find your timetable, courses and study plan

Your timetable shows you where and when you have to attend the first class. If you need to prepare for a course, you can find the information on DTU Learn. During your first semester, your courses are automatically entered in your timetable to suit your recommended course of study. But already after three weeks of teaching, you must make a preliminary study plan for the rest of your studies. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with how to plan your studies.

8. Check messages from DTU and from your lecturers

As a student at DTU, you will receive messages from DTU in your student email. Messages from your lecturers about your courses can be found on DTU Learn. You must also keep an eye on study announcements and news on DTU's intranet, DTU Inside.

9. Buy books and computer

It is a good idea to buy your books before starting your studies. You can buy book packages that suit your field of study. When you start at DTU, you must have a laptop that can connect to DTU's wireless network.

If you have a non-completed study programme apply for pre-commencement credit transfer

If you have previously been enrolled in a study programme you have not completed, you must apply for what is called a pre-commencement credit transfer. You can do this once you have been admitted.