EuroTech partnership

The EuroTech universities have developed a number of special 1:1 MSc programmes. You study one year at DTU and one year at another university in the EuroTech alliance.

The joint programmes are developed in the alliance between two or more universities.

The programmes are organized with specific professional skills in mind and cater to a select group of qualified students.

Course of study

Each programme consists of a specifically planned course of study for a four semester period. A study plan is made in cooperation with the Head of Studies and the professor/lecturer in charge of the programme at the partner university.

Thesis with two supervisors

The thesis amounts to 30 ECTS and you will be appointed a supervisor from both DTU and the partner university. The oral presentation will take place at the university where the thesis is completed and will be presented to both supervisors and external examiner.

Diploma from DTU and the partner university

The 1:1 programme is a "single degree programme" in which the student obtains a diploma from the institution where he is enrolled as a graduate student. The credit from the stay at the partner university will be transferred to the diploma at DTU. The diploma is supplemented with the partner university's logo on the front and an indication that the student has obtained a 1:1 degree.

Admission criteria and application

Read more about admission requirements and application procedures under each specific programme.

Learn more: Visit the EuroTech website


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