Master of Science (MSc) in Food Technology

The MSc Eng programme in Food Technology provides you with an understanding of modern food production and profound knowledge of technologies associated with the production of healthy and safe food.

Food Technology

Study Programme

Food technology is an innovative, exciting, and highly interdisciplinary field of study; meeting the challenges related to global market requirements, changing consumer demands, sustainability, social responsibility, and competitiveness requires knowledge in a wide range of areas.

The MSc Eng programme in Food Technology is thus an interdisciplinary programme involving different departments and disciplines, including microbiology, biochemistry, physics, chemical engineering, and engineering.

The MSc Eng programme aims to provide you with profound analytical, design, and development skills in terms of technologies and processes related to modern production of healthy and safe food.

The programme covers a wide range of courses in technical fields of activity, food science, management, and communication. In addition, the food industry and other external stakeholders also play an active role in the programme, allowing you to work with highly relevant, real-life issues and projects.

You will have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with both Danish and international companies - either as part of the courses, as an individual project or while writing your thesis.

The MSc is a two-year graduate programme with a workload of 120 ECTS credit points.

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Combine work with studies

This study programme is also available as an Industry study programme where you can combine work and study over a 4-year period. Special rules apply.

Industry MSc Eng programmes

The MSc Eng programme in Food Technology makes it possible to obtain general competences within food technology and more specific competences within a certain area by focusing on:

but the MSc Eng programme also makes it possible to obtain more specific competences within other areas.


The Food Technology programme qualifies you for employment in food companies and related industries involved in food production, quality, and safety as well as equipment manufacturing in Denmark and internationally. You may also have the opportunity to engage in public or private research, development, and consultancy in the field of food.

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