Study lines - Environmental Engineering

The MSc in Environmental Engineering has seven optional study lines.

The seven study lines are fixed programmes of study that have extra high requirements to the choice of courses and projects compared to the general MSc Eng programme.

It is not mandatory to follow a study line, but it can be seen as a help and guide to specialize within a specific area of environmental engineering.

How to obtain a study line

Students must meet the requirements of the individual study line and the topic of the MSc thesis project must also be within the area of the study line. This is usually the case when the supervisor does his research in the section corresponding to the study lines. In case of doubt you can contact the Head of studies.

Approval of the MSc thesis project must be obtained in advance from the Coordinator of the MSc Eng programme.

As soon as the student fulfills the requests for the particular study line he/she can apply for it by sending the list of courses and the thesis topic to the Head of studies. In order to ensure that the study line will be registrered on the diploma, the study line application must be sent before the defense. 

Climate Change
Environmental Informatics
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Management
Residual Resource Engineering
Urban Water Engineering
Water Resource Engineering.