Applying for an MSc at DTU - Mandatory application templates

To make your academic credentials clear for the Heads of Studies, we require you to fill out an application template (this includes Statement of Purpose, Pre-mapping and a GPA calculator). Please use one of our templates below.

If you are applying for a Nordic Five Tech programme that does not have a template then you do not need to submit one.

International applicants (students who have a bachelor from outside Denmark)

If you have any questions on how to fill out the templates, please write us an email at

PLEASE NOTE: Please download the template as soon to the application period as possible to ensure that you download the correct version. The templates are under continuous revision.

Example of filling in the mandatory template

Please download the application template relevant to the master's programme(s) you are applying to. Make sure to use the most recent template currently available on this website, not an older version you have previously downloaded. Also, kindly use Microsoft Excel to open and fill-in the template. It is important that you don’t make any changes to the layout, nor tamper with the locked content or formulas used. Once done, please upload as one excel file including all the different sheets, as it currently is, not separately or in other file types.

List of application templates

List of application templates for joint programmes