National Scholarships for DTU

Country-specific scholarships

Costa Rica

CONAPE is a Costa Rican government institution created in 1977 and they offer student loans to all Costa Ricans. DTU has signed an agreement with CONAPE. Those interested in an MSc at DTU can get in touch with CONAPE for more details. For more information on the application process, please refer to


R.D. Sethna Scholarship Fund conducts one of India’s oldest and well-respected loan scholarship programs, assisting outstanding and deserving Indian students of all communities. The loan scholarships are granted on the basis of meritorious performance, to facilitate payment of tuition fees, academic material and related expenses for enhancing the education experience. For more information please write to 


LPDP Scholarship Program DTU is listed as LPDP’s foreign partner institution.  Indonesian students interested to follow a MSc program at DTU can apply for this scholarship. For more details, please follow the link LPDP - Scholarship Registration and Schedule (


Bolashaq Presidential Scholarship Program DTU is a listed University for this program. Kazakhstani citizens interested to pursue an MSc at DTU  under the “Bolashak” Program can submit the required documents via e-Gov Portal using the service called “Acceptance of documents for participation in competition for awarding of the “Bolashak” International Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. 


FIDERH is a public fund managed by the Bank of Mexico that offers educational loans to Mexican students for postgraduate studies. With FIDERH it is possible to obtain up to 400,000 MXN per year to cover tuition fees, living cost and insurance health, with an affordable rate and a favorable payment scheme. To obtain this loan, it is necessary to apply to one of its calls once you have the unconditional acceptance letter, as well as meet all its requirements. For more information, please write to

Fundacion Beca is a Mexican non-profit organization offering loans to students from Mexico and Latin America. DTU has signed an agreement with Fundacion Beca. Those interested in an MSc at DTU can get in touch with Fundacion Beca  for more details. For more information on the application process, please refer to


TEV - Garring Foundation's Scholarships for Denmark Scholarships are given to Turkish citizens with a bachelor's degree from a Turkish university, interested in pursuing Master studies in Denmark in the fields of computer systems, electrical and electronic communications, marine and coastal engineering, petroleum engineering, wind energy engineering and biotechnology. 


Fulbright Scholarship
Applicants must be American citizens interested in pursuing a master's degree or PhD for an entire academic year of study and/or research in Denmark. For full -time master's students, the scholarship is granted for only the first year of a 2-year degree programme. Upon receipt of a Fulbright grant, students do not have to pay tuition fees during the granted year.