Tuition fees - terms and conditions of payment

Payment deadline

For students commencing their first semester of studies, the payment deadline is 1st May for the fall semester and 1st November for the spring semester.

The timely payment ensures your spot at the University and is vital in your application for the Danish residence permit.

For students already enrolled at DTU, the payment deadline for the fall semester is 1st June and for the spring semester 1st December.

The admission will be cancelled if the fee is not paid by this date. Please note that it is not possible to extend the deadline or pay in instalments.

The payment for each semester is mandatory for your continued enrolment in your study programme at DTU. Suppose your enrolment is cancelled or there is a change in your enrollment status at DTU; in that case, we are legally obliged to notify the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) about this, and you will lose your Danish residence permit.


The tuition fee covers educational expenses, such as courses, academic supervising, exams, etc. Please note that tuition does not cover equipment for the exam, such as computers, printers, calculators, or the like.

Conditions of payment

Your study programme comprises a defined amount of ECTS credits. A semester’s workload equals 30 ECTS credits. You must pay in advance of each semester and continue to do so for four consecutive semesters.

Payment is only possible in Danish Kroner (DKK) or Euro (EUR).

Correct amount:
It is your responsibility to make sure that the transferred/paid amount is correct. We do not reimburse the difference if you have paid too much. We recommend that you check the currency conversion and make sure that any bank transfer fees are paid in addition to the tuition fee.

Rights and obligations

During a semester, you have the right to complete as many activities offered within the programme (projects and/or courses) as you wish. If you complete activities for less than 30 credit points per semester, you must also pay full tuition for the semester.

If you do not complete your studies within the normal period of study, according to DTU’s rules of study, you have the right to complete your studies in the course of another academic year without paying extra tuition fees for the same. Make sure to contact the International MSc Admissions team if this becomes relevant for you.

If you extend your studies at DTU, you should also know SIRI’s extension rules relating to your Danish residence permit status. SIRI has a fixed extension period of 1 year. If students are not able to complete their studies within SIRI’s fixed extension period, they are asked to leave the country. DTU is obligated to notify SIRI if you are delayed with more than 60 ECTS in your studies. To apply for an extension of your Danish residence permit, you may contact the International MSc Admissions team.


Cancellation BEFORE the semester has started

Suppose you cancel your enrolment after paying the tuition fee before the semester has started. In that case, DTU will reimburse the tuition fee.

Cancellation AFTER the semester has started

Suppose you cancel your enrolment after paying the tuition fee, and the semester has started. In that case, DTU will not reimburse the tuition fee except in cases of exceptional unforeseen circumstances mentioned below:

  • failure to meet the admission requirements
  • lack of residence permit, e.g., if SIRI rejects your application for a residence permit
  • pregnancy

Each case will be treated individually. Written documentation must be handed in before reimbursement can take place. When applying for a refund, state your full name, CPR (if relevant), reasons, and documentation for cancelling your studies. You must also provide your relevant bank details (account number, SWIFT/IBAN codes) for this purpose.

Leave of absence

It is not possible to obtain a refund of tuition fees for a semester that has already commenced, even if DTU’s Study Administration grants you a Leave of Absence.

Please note that you will still continue to pay for your tuition fee during your leave of absence. DTU is obliged to inform SIRI when students take Leave of Absence. The Danish residence permit is cancelled when students are not study active at the University. If your residency permit is cancelled during your leave of absence, you must reapply when you wish to continue your studies. You are subject to the general rules of leave of absence at the University during this period.

Credit transfer

It is possible to apply for a reduction in the tuition fees if you have Master level courses in addition to your qualifying exam that could count towards your MSc degree study programme at DTU. In this case, you must get in touch with the MSc international admissions team. Your case will be reviewed, and the reduction in tuition fees will only occur in your 4th and last payment for your degree programme.

Study abroad

If you plan to study abroad as part of your studies at DTU, please note:

  • If a student studies abroad through a partnership/exchange agreement, the student must still pay tuition fees to DTU. The student does not pay any fees to the partner university.
    Actions when failing to pay tuition fees
  • If you fail to pay your tuition fees within the specified deadlines, your enrolment at DTU will be cancelled.

DTU will then notify SIRI that you are no longer an active student at the University.

Payment in case of changed residence status in Denmark:

If you are granted a permanent residence permit in Denmark during a semester, you must pay tuition fees until the following semester ends. (according to Bekendtgørelse om Tilskud og Revision m.v. ved )

If your status changes during a semester to the effect that you no longer hold a permanent residence permit in Denmark, tuition fees must be paid from the following semester. You are required to provide the University/MSc International admissions team with documentation of any such change of status.

Contact information

International MSc Admissions Team:

Case-specific queries: Anja Lund,