What can I do with an MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship

The Technology Entrepreneurship programme provides you with the expertise, education and experience to start your own company, or become an innovative change agent within a larger corporation. This hands-on education will provide a host of career possibilities, which include:


During the course of this two-year education, you will explore which role within a start-up suits you best and develop this expertise. After you graduate, you will have launched your start-up and be ready to continue your entrepreneurial career beyond the university.

Impact entrepreneur and change-maker

Applying entrepreneurial problem-solving skills to societal challenges can result in careers within sustainability start-ups, non-profits, philanthropic organisations, universities, and governments, as well as innovation hubs in large companies. You may apply a technology-driven approach to tackle Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), exploring how to achieve social impact and scale.

New Business Development Manager/Intrapreneur

As an intrapreneur, you will apply your entrepreneurial skills and develop an innovative idea or project within a large corporation or organisation. You will drive innovation through company incubators and innovation labs, promoting innovative product development and marketing.

Innovation Manager

Throughout the Technology Entrepreneurship programme, you will gain in-depth experience managing innovation processes within multidisciplinary teams. As an Innovation Manager, you will manage and drive discovery, development, incubation, acceleration, and scaling processes within companies and organisations.

Engineering Project Manager

Bachelor Engineers will (further) developed their technical and engineering skills through courses on the Technology & Design study line and electives. You would have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to bridge the worlds of technology and business. This unique capability creates a profile for leadership for engineering projects in a variety of organizations, such as tech-based start-ups, large established firms, Venture Capital Funds, and Tech Transfer Offices.

Pursue a PhD

Once you have an MSc in Engineering, you might get the opportunity to continue your studies and apply for admission to the three-year PhD which at DTU is a research-based programme ranking among the best in the world. You can do either a regular PhD or an industrial PhD, the latter with concurrent employment in a company.

As a PhD student, you will be part of a research group and will carry out an independent scientific project.

PhD at DTU