Student life at Technology Entrepreneurship

Watch A day in the life of a Technology Entrepreneurship student
A day in the life of a Technology Entrepreneurship student

When you study Technology Entrepreneurship, you will be part of a team and a community and experience an active and vibrant student life. This is not the ‘attend-the-lecture-and-go-home’ kind of programme. You will have your own team start-up space at DTU’s innovation hub, DTU Skylab, and work together on a campus with world-class research facilities.

You will also happen to be in one of the happiest nations on the planet, where we have a unique approach to entrepreneurship, which involves supporting each other in building solutions that make a difference.

We might still love late night pizza when we are in the zone, but we also take care of each other. Our mentorship and counselling, and balanced approach to business idea development, not only creates robust start-ups, but better rounded and healthier entrepreneurs.

Honours Programme

DTU offers Honours Programme as part of all MSc programmes. Want to join an honour’s programme at DTU?

Faculty & Entrepreneurs

During this programme, you will interact with industry fellows, professors with entrepreneurial experience, and a broad range of purpose-driven, international and recent graduate entrepreneurs, as well as like-hearted peers. This community will not only inspire you, but also support you on your journey to entrepreneurship.

We also collaborate with teachers from other departments, who will give lectures on specialized topics. Find an overview of the teaching staff from DTU Entrepreneurship.