Master of Science (MSc) in Technology Entrepreneurship

A bachelor's degree (less than 10 years old) from an accredited academic national university/university college/Internationally accredited university with any specialisation can be admitted to the programme.



Only September intake
Non-EU/EEA deadline: 15 January
EU/EEA deadline: 01 March

Master of Science (MSc) in Technology Entrepreneurship

Get a unique opportunity to build your skills as an entrepreneur, and work in diverse teams applying technology for the benefit of people, society and the world. The programme leads to a Master of Science (MSc) in Technology Entrepreneurship with the Danish title

Technology Entrepreneurship

Study Programme

This entrepreneurship programme is designed to drive innovation through diversity, bringing together students from varied backgrounds – from humanities to business studies, and from engineering to social science – to create solutions that make a difference.

Throughout this 2-year entrepreneurial journey, you will accelerate your learning through doing. Academic learning and hands-on training combine to support your transformation into a technology entrepreneur. You will be part of a team working together in an all-in-one campus equipped with world-class research facilities and your own team start-up lab.

You will experience a challenging yet supportive environment where you work with others to solve problems and build something new, push boundaries, get uncomfortable, realize control is just an illusion, and get back up each time you fall, until you are standing strong alongside your team, on a socially and economically viable business idea.

Regardless of your academic background, you will become more fluent and literate in transformative technologies such as AI, machine learning, IoT, and blockchain throughout the programme, and graduate with a Master of Science, Technology Entrepreneurship (

Study programme focus

The 2-year graduate programme will develop your entrepreneurial capabilities in a way that goes beyond the standard emphasis on knowledge acquisition and studying based on defined curricula. You will build competences through acting, creating, reflecting, and adapting, which will make you fit for the future.

The core structure of the programme combines real-world start-up ideas and technologies with courses on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, ethics, personal development, and sustainability. Multidisciplinary teams are mentored throughout the programme by entrepreneurs, start-up coaches and faculty with entrepreneurial expertise and experience.

Start-up ideas and technologies may come from various sources:

  • You or your start-up team
  • DTU inventions or patents
  • Industry or big science facilities

During this 2-year graduate programme, you will select and validate ideas, develop technical solutions, explore and define your role in a start-up, and get the opportunity to experience a semester abroad at a leading entrepreneurship institution. Throughout the entire programme you, along with your team, will build a start-up.

This programme blends traditional ‘for profit’ with progressive ‘for purpose’ business models, creating technology-based solutions to societal challenges. The entrepreneurship programme will have its own dedicated space in DTU Skylab for all teams, providing you with access to a state-of-the-art innovation hub.

The MSc programme will equip you with the competences and skills needed to become a versatile technology entrepreneur. You will learn how to start with an idea or technology and turn it into a feasible tech venture, while working within a multidisciplinary team and collaborating with DTU researchers and corporations.

The programme will help you manage uncertainty, and develop problem-solving, project management, people, and communication skills - indispensable traits for a successful career as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, innovation manager, or social entrepreneur.

The MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship is a two-year graduate programme with a workload of 120 ECTS credit points.

After graduating, you will be able to bridge market and technology to create social and sustainable impact and apply innovation processes to any organization.

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As a student of MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship, you can specialise in one of the following two fields of study, depending on your passion, experience and role within the start-up team.

The master's programme provides targeted education and experience within Technology & Design and Strategy & User Insight. These specialisations ensure graduates have the individual and team profiles required for a technological start-up to succeed.


As an MSc Technology Entrepreneurship graduate, you will either launch your own start-up, become an intrapreneur, Innovation Manager, Business Developer, or work as an entrepreneurial leader, manager, or change-maker in large corporations.

As a technology fluent, creative problem solver, your skills will be highly sought after by start-ups, established companies, and organisations. Your ability to master soft and hard skills, work with team members from diverse backgrounds, from engineering to anthropology, and bridge technology and market, not only makes you an ideal candidate but also fit for the future.

Furthermore, you may also continue to pursue your studies as a PhD student.

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