Student residence permit and accommodation

When you have paid the tuition fee, the Admissions Office will start the student residence permit application process.

We fill in our part of the application form, confirming that you will be a student at DTU. You then have to fill in your part of the application and hand it in at the nearest Danish representation.

The application is processed by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. When the necessary fees have been paid and all documentation has been submitted, the agency will process your application for a student residence permit. This can take up to two months. DTU receives a copy of the student residence permit letter directly from the agency.

The student residence permit is normally valid from 1 August. The permit is usually, if certain conditions are fulfilled, given for the prescribed duration of your studies plus six months.

To keep your residence permit it is a condition that you are enrolled in and actively following the study programme for which the permit is given. If this is not the case, the agency can revoke your residence permit. DTU’s Admissions Office is obliged to inform the agency if you are not actively following the study programme or you do not pay the required tuition fee.

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