Special educational support (SPS)

When studying at DTU, you have the opportunity to apply for special educational support if you have a permanent functional impairment. The support is intended to compensate you for your impairment, so you can study on an equal footing with your fellow students.

Important answers to relevant questions about SPS

Is DTU automatically notified of my support needs?

No. Even though you have received SPS in the past, and even though you may still have support equipment on loan, DTU is NOT automatically informed that you need special educational support for your new study programme. Therefore, remember to contact us if you need support.

Does the fact that I receive SPS affect my admission to DTU?

No. You will not be treated any differently as a result of your need for special educational support regarding the possibility of being enrolled on a study programme at DTU – neither positively nor negatively.

Who receives information at DTU?

If you submit any questions or upload documentation to the Admissions unit or to the SPS unit at DTU, your details will remain with these two units. We are bound by a duty of confidentiality, and do not disclose information to others. Moreover, if you have received special educational support during your studies, it will not be stated on your exam certificate.

When should I apply:

Applying for special educational support can be an extensive and lengthy process. Therefore, it is very important that you contact us as soon as possible.

Pre-approval: With a pre-approval, we can apply for special educational support for you as early as July. If you want to learn more about your pre-approval options, please contact Admissions at DTU: optagelse@adm.dtu.dk

Ordinary admission: For ordinary admissions, we can apply for special educational support for you as soon as you have been admitted to DTU, have accepted a place on the study programme and have been transferred to the DTU system. In 2023, this will not happen until 3 August.

How do I apply:

Pre-approval: If you have been pre-approved for a study programme at DTU, you must contact the SPS unit at DTU as soon as possible, either by email or telephone. Find contact information on dtu.dk.

Ordinary admission: From 3 August, you can register in DTU’s SPS enquiry portal. Read more on dtu.dk.