Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Chemistry

The MSc programme in Applied Chemistry focuses on chemical and biological systems at both molecular and nanoscale level, and it covers advanced courses and projects within the key disciplines of chemistry.

MSc Eng in Applied Chemistry

Study Programme

The design of new sustainable processes, materials and chemical products - such as catalysts and pharmaceuticals with tailored properties - requires an understanding of the synthesis and physical/chemical properties of substances, as well as the relationship between structure and properties.

The MSc programme provides you with broad knowledge of the design of advanced materials - at both theoretical and experimental level - through courses covering the chemistry, synthesis, physical chemistry and production of such materials.

You will have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with both Danish and international companies - either as part of the courses, as an individual project or while writing your thesis.

The MSc is a two-year graduate programme with a workload of 120 ECTS credit points.

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Combine work with studies

This study programme is also available as an Industry study programme where you can combine work and study over a 4-year period. Special rules apply.

Industry MSc Eng programmes

The MSc in Applied Chemistry offers a high degree of flexibility in the students' individual study plan.

You can design your own study programme and career by choosing from the wide range of courses offered at DTU with emphasis on areas such as analytical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, materials or sustainable chemistry.

Alternatively, you can choose to specialize in one of the five predefined study lines:

This study programme gives you the opportunity to enroll in a joint international master's programmes and gain a unique specialization.

  • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (SDC)
  • Nordic Master in Polymer Technology (N5T)

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Through the study programme, you will gain the necessary qualifications for engaging in research and development activities within both academic and industrial frameworks.

The study programme has an extensive focus and offers a wide variety of courses which—depending on the courses chosen—can qualify you for jobs in the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

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