How to apply for SPS

The SPS unit at DTU nominates you for SPS. The SPS unit can also guide you on your options.

As soon as you have been admitted to DTU and have accepted you student place, you are eligible to receive SPS.

DTU’s SPS enquiry portal

To apply for SPS at DTU, you must register with DTU’s SPS enquiry portal. In 2021, this will be possible from 1. January for winter intake and 3 August for summer intake. Here you must:

  1. Very briefly describe your challenges and support needs.
  2. Upload any required documentation of your functional impairment. If you have received SPS on a previous study programme, you will probably not need to upload your documentation again. As a general rule, you will only need to submit new documentation if you are new to the SPS scheme or if there have been changes in your situation.
    Documents for upload must be of max. 20 MB in total. The documentation must be in Danish or (translated into) either English, Swedish or Norwegian, cf. the Ministerial Order on Admission and Enrolment: § 46.
  3. Consent form
    To apply for SPS, you must sign a consent form.
    For some groups of students, it will be possible to download a consent form on the front page of DTU’s SPS enquiry portal and sign it immediately. For other groups of students, the SPS unit will contact you once you have registered with the enquiry portal and we will together find out what you need to apply for. If you are unsure about what to do, please feel free write or call us. Once the SPS unit has received a signed consent form from you, the SPS unit will nominate you for the support. 
  4. You can apply to DTU for extra time at written exams by checking the box ”Extra time for written exams”

Email, telephone, or SPS intro day

If you prefer another approach than the SPS enquiry portal, you are also welcome to contact us by email or telephone. You can do this from the day you are admitted to DTU.

In the SPS unit, we typically hold an intro day/intro course in connection with the autumn study start. You can read more about this on (the information is in Danish). Both BSc and MSc students are welcome at the intro day/intro course.Please note that it is held in Danish.

Do you have questions or need a meeting?

You are always welcome to contact us either by telephone, email, or we can schedule a personal meeting.

Do you need to grant a power of attorney?

If you want someone other than you to be able to gain access to documents in your SPS case and/or act and make decisions on your behalf, you can create a power of attorney. With this power of attorney you give the SPS unit permission to talk about your case if the person you give power of attorney contacts us directly.

All decisions and information concerning your SPS case will still only be sent to you – your own eBoks and/or your student e-mail. The power of attorney does not cover us sending information and decisions to the person you give the power of attorney to. It is therefore necessary that they help by checking your e-mail and your eBoks if needed.

The power of attorney is only valid at DTU and only for dialogue with the units stated by you on the power of attorney. It is not valid for other bodies under SPS auspices i.e. SRG, The Danish Agency for Education and Quality and other suppliers. You/you and the other person must send a power of attorney to these organisations yourself.

SPS for DTU Qualifying Education

Please note that DTU Qualifying Education has its own SPS supervisor who provides guidance about SPS for secondary education programmes.

Read more about SPS for DTU Qualifying Education .