Other support options for students at DTU

In addition to SPS, there may also be other offers and options of relevance to you

We have gathered a small overview here: 

Exemption and special exam arrangements

At DTU, you can apply for special conditions for your exams and different exemptions.

These decisions are a DTU matter.

Please note that DTU’s study programme deadlines are not the same as the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme’s study activity rules. If DTU grants you an exemption to take fewer ECTS points per semester, this may mean that you do not meet the activity requirement for continuing to receive SU. Therefore, it may be a good idea also to plan your financial circumstances when planning your studies.

You can read about exemptions on DTU Inside (requires log-in):

You can read about special exam arrangements on DTU Inside (requires log-in):

Teaching adjustments

If you need teaching adjustments, you must contact your lecturer or head of studies. That may, for example, be if you want to receive PowerPoint presentations, etc. as well in advance as possible. It may also be that you always need to sit in a particular place in the classroom. You can then arrange this with your lecturer (and your fellow students).

If you find it very difficult to contact the lecturer, please write to us. We can help pass on your challenges and support needs to the lecturer. However, you must always inform us which course this is relevant for at the start of each new semester. See the information form. However, we encourage you to contact the lecturer yourself if you can.

Adjustments are not always possible: On some courses, for example group work, physical presence, or laboratory work will form part of or be essential to meeting learning objectives, which may make certain adjustments difficult. Therefore, it may be a good idea to check the course description for electives and enter into a dialogue with the lecturer on the possibility of adjustments before selecting a given course.

For students with hearing impairment
Extra furniture: If you use a sign language interpreter and you, therefore, need extra chairs and/or tables in the classroom, please get in touch with the SPS Unit, and we will help you contact Campus Service.

Establishment of technical equipment: This is handled by the supplier from Tonax, sometimes in cooperation with Campus Service and/or with the involvement of your lecturer and fellow students.


It is of paramount importance that all students are able to get around on campus. At DTU, we make efforts to ensure that new buildings comply with all the requirements for physical accessibility for disabled people. We also strive to enhance accessibility within the existing physical framework, ensuring optimal arrangement, maintenance, and utilization of the premises.

If you are facing certain accessibility challenges due to your physical functional impairment, you can contact the SPS unit, and—together with Campus Service—we will seek to find the best possible solution.

You can see an accessibility map for Lyngby Campus here.

However, it should be pointed out that there may be a few of DTU’s buildings in which the academic activities are of such a nature that accessibility is limited due to safety reasons for people with certain physical disabilities. If you have any doubts about your options, you can contact the SPS unit.

Disability supplement

If you suffer from a functional impairment, you can apply for a disability supplement in addition to your SU.

To be granted a disability supplement, your impairment must be so severe that you are prevented from having a student job alongside your study programme.

A disability supplement is granted based on an individual assessment and is not linked to SPS. That means that even if you have been granted SPS, you are not automatically entitled to a disability supplement.

NB! You can only receive a disability supplement if you concurrently receive SU. If you lose your SU due to non-compliance with study activity requirements, your disability supplement will also cease.

As mentioned under the item ‘Exemption’, DTU’s deadlines and the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme’s study activity rules are not the same. If DTU grants you an exemption to take fewer ECTS points per semester, this may mean that you do not meet the study activity requirement for continuing to receive SU (and disability supplement). Therefore, it may be a good idea also to plan your financial circumstances when planning your studies.

You can read more about disability supplements on su.dk

Other guidance services offered at DTU

As a student at DTU, there will be times when it will be relevant and/or necessary to contact one or more of our various guidance services.

Our most widely used guidance services are:

  • The Study Guidance Office
    Here you can have a consultation and receive guidance about many things concerning your studies. For example, choice of study programme, study planning, credit transfer application, exemption and leave, guidance about DTU’s rules, and guidance about options, opportunities, and challenges, including study doubts and change of study programme.
  • The Study Administration (requires log-in)
    Here you can get help with your student card, registration for courses and exams, transcripts of grades, password to DTU’s IT systems, and deadlines for your study programme.  
  • The Career Centre (requires log-in)
    Here you can get advice and guidance about internships, CV feedback, and job applications, and various events are held. (requires log-in)

In addition, you may use:

  • The student chaplain (requires log-in) 
    The student chaplain can talk to you if you are experiencing a life crisis, grief, etc.: (requires log-in)
  • PF and your vector
    The PF student association and your vector can answer many questions about large and small matters that you may find challenging as a DTU student.
  • DTU’s clubs
    Sometimes, it can help alleviate a sense of loneliness to become part of a community that cultivates a particular interest. 
  • Offensive behaviour
    If you experience offensive behaviour, discrimination or bullying, there are several places you can turn to for help. DTU encourages you to take action if you experience offensive behaviour—it is important that you talk to someone about the incident. You can read more on DTU Inside (requires log-in).