Affiliated companies

DTU has a number of affiliated companies that support the University's core services. The affiliations constitute one of many points of contact for the business sector.

DTU's affiliated companies operate under market conditions, and are set up as limited companies with their own boards.

The affiliations focus on e.g. providing assistance to start-ups; creating development opportunities and facilities for technology-intensive companies; on offering services, and on contributing to an efficient utilization of DTU's research and innovation activities.

To learn more about the individual affiliated companies, please follow the links below.

Bioneer Ltd.

Bioneer Ltd. Was founded in 2004 and is an innovative research-based company providing services within biomedicine and biotechnology.

Bioneer’s commercial mission is to increase the competitiveness of our global customers by facilitating their early, explorative development of new therapeutics. The company offers access to essential tools, technology, and unique biological resources within cell and molecular biology, and aim to create new product opportunities at the interface between biology and other sciences.

Bioneer Ltd. is a subsidiary of DTU and is approved by the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology as an authorized provider of technological services: a so-called GTS entity.

The company’s head office is in the ScionDTU Science Park in Hørsholm.


DFM was founded in 1985, is owned by DTU, and conducts fundamental research within metrology.

DFM Ltd. is approved by the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology as an authorized provider of technological services: a so-called GTS entity. As such, the company is obliged to benefit Danish industry by providing expertise in the form of e.g. calibration, reference materials, consultancy, and courses in metrology.

DFM Ltd. Is located on DTU Lyngby Campus.

Dianova A/S

Dianova is specialized in training courses, consultancies and risk assessments catering for the entire "farm to fork" principle.

Dianova operates worldwide, providing solutions for public food authorities, laboratories, food business operators and consultancy companies and is prequalified by the EU for invited tenders within the field of food safety and veterinary assignments.

Dianova A/S is owned by DTU and is located in Aarhus and in Copenhagen.

Pre-Seed Innovation

Pre-Seed Innovation is Denmark’s largest and most successful innovation incubator, established to finance and assist talented entrepreneurs in developing the next generation of biotech companies.

Pre-Seed Innovation is located at DTU Science Park on Lyngby Campus.

DTU Science Park

DTU Science Park is Denmark's first and largest university-based science park.

DTU Science Park is Denmark's leading growth and development environment, where Danish deep tech companies complements each other through ongoing sparring. A community where startups, scaleups and established companies exchange knowledge and experience across.