Executive Board

The President of DTU is appointed by the Board of Governors and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the University.

The Executive Board includes the President; the Provost; the University Director; the Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs; the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs; the Dean of Research, and the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Portrætbillede af DTU's rektor Anders Bjarklev

President, Professor, PhD., dr. techn. 
Anders Overgaard Bjarklev 

phone: +45 45 25 10 00
fax: +45 45 93 40 28
email: dtu-rektor@adm.dtu.dk

Secretary: Anne Smedegaard Rundin Cordsen
Provost Rasmus Larsen

Provost, Professor, PhD
Executive Vice President, CAO
Rasmus Larsen

phone: +45 45 25 10 10
fax: +45 45 93 40 28
email: dtu-provost@dtu.dk

Secretary: Mette Erichsen

University director, MSc (Pol.Sc.)
Executive Vice President
Claus Nielsen

phone: +45 45 25 10 02
fax: +45 45 93 40 28
email: direktor@adm.dtu.dk

 Secretary: Mette Erichsen



Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs,
Senior Vice President
Philip John Binning

phone: +45 45 25 10 70
email: DTU-GraduateDean@dtu.dk

Secretary: Christina Boje Johannsen

Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MSc (Eng), eMBA
Senior Vice President
Marianne Thellersen

phone: +45 45 25 10 08
email: mthel@adm.dtu.dk

Secretary: Anna Monika Wlazlo Frandsen
Dean Lars Christoffersen

Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs,
Senior Vice President
Lars D. Christoffersen 
phone +45 45 25 10 09
email: dtu-bdean@dtu.dk

Secretary: Trylle Arnfred
Picture of Senior Vice President Carsten Orth Gaarn-Larsen

Public-private Partnerships, Lifelong Learning , cand.polyt.(E), cand.merc.(sol), HD(U)
Senior Vice President
Carsten Orth Gaarn-Larsen 
phone +45 23 23 00 00
email: coglar@dtu.dk

Secretary: Birgitte Lydik

Secretary of Board of Directors, Director John Sarborg Pedersen
Phone. 45 25 11 15, e-mail: josap@adm.dtu.dk

Innovation and Entreprenuership

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