Study boards

Study boards at DTU are placed within the various university departments in the form of a department Study Board (ISN). They work with the educational framework for BEng, BSc, and MSc degrees as well as teaching in the individual department.

All students have the possibility to choose the student representatives to the study boards and be elected to them.

The study boards contribute to ensuring that the education offered at DTU is of high quality and develops in a suitable manner. The specific work consists of, among others, reviewing course evaluations, and developing initiatives if necessary in response to the evaluations. Other examples of the study boards’ tasks include suggestions to new specializations and subjects, as well as strengthening the coherence of the educational programmes. The work of the study boards often consist of many concrete initiatives.

The study boards elect representatives to the cross-disciplinary education committees for the BEng, BSc, and MSc degrees. The study boards work with the courses, lecturers, and study programmes that are attached to the individual department.