Alliances and strategic partnerships

Over the past decade, DTU has established a number of strategic partnerships and university alliances with a select handful of global elite universities.

The establishment of these strategic international alliances is in line with DTU’s strategy, which outlines DTU’s mission to serve and benefit Danish society. This requires international standards as well as international outreach.

International ambition
The alliances and strategic partnerships form an integrated part of DTU’s ambition to develop as an institution. We work with our strategic partners to combine complementary competences and leverage synergies into new study programmes, strategic research initiatives, funding opportunities and innovation.

The activities in the alliances and strategic partnerships build on in-depth collaboration and research, education, innovation and scientific advice.

Added value
The alliances and strategic partnerships offer DTU’s researchers, students and staff an expanded work community and possibilities for exchange of experiences with international peers for scientific, educational and administrative purposes.

A few examples of added value created through the alliances and strategic partnerships are:

  • Joint MSc programmes offering unique and complementary profiles to our students
  • Annual peer evaluation of study programmes as a tool to provide international quality assurance and development
  • Joint PhD course databases facilitating access to specialized courses offered by partner universities
  • PhD co-supervision arrangements facilitating doctoral exchange and collaboration
  • Joint Postdoctoral fellowships supplemented by EU funding
  • Collaborative and strategic research initiatives 
  • Strategic platforms to attract external funding through EU intelligence, funding guides and workshops