Application for exemption - BSc in General Engineering

General admission requirement

If you do not have an upper secondary exam/high school exam approved by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science but believe to have earned qualifications comparable to an upper secondary exam, you can apply for an exemption.

To do so, you have to describe, in your own words, how you believe to have obtained qualifications equivalent to a qualifying entry exam. You have to upload your application for exemption along with your application at, including any relevant documentation in support of your application.

We cannot tell you upfront if your application will be approved. All exemption applications are individually assessed case by case and never set a precedent.

The deadline for application for exemption is 15 March at noon.

Specific admission requirement 

It is not possible to apply for an exemption from the specific admission requirements. If you do not fulfil one or more of the specific admission requirements, we advise that you raise your level by taking a supplementary course instead.

Master's degree rule

The master’s degree rule applies to all applicants who have completed a master’s degree in Denmark as well as international master’s degrees that equate to a Danish master’s degree.

If you already have a master ’s degree, you can only be accepted to a bachelor's degree programme if there are vacant places. Also, be aware that you cannot apply for a standby place.

In the case that there are more applicants with a master's degree than there are vacant places at a programme, applicants with a high quota 2 assessment will be prioritized first and secondly, applicants from quota 1 will be prioritized by their grade point average from their upper secondary school. 

You can apply for an exemption from the rule in case of special circumstances only. Exemptions are only granted in case of documented special circumstances that prevent you from using your already-acquired master’s degree. Please note that labour market matters such as high unemployment rates are not considered special circumstances.

If you wish to apply for an exemption from the master’s degree rule, you do so by uploading an application as an attachment to your application at along with documentation that proves your special circumstances.

The deadline for application for exemption is 15 March at noon.