Standby for the BSc in General Engineering

What is a standby place?

When applying for admission to DTU, you also have the option of applying for a standby place, which is essentially a place on a waiting list. We keep a standby list with students who can cover the vacant study places that may come when other students decline their offer of admission.

We only hold a certain amount of standby places, and these are allocated to applicants who have applied for a standby place, can be assessed in quota 1, and have a grade point average close to the GPA cut-off in quota 1.

If you have applied for a standby place, you will find out on 26 July if you are offered admission or a standby place. If you are offered a standby place, you may be offered admission until 15 August.


How do I find out if my standby place has been converted to an offer of admission?

You log onto UnistartDTU on 15 August, where you will either find an offer of admission or a letter with a confirmed offer of admission for the following summer intake. If you have been offered admission, you have to accept or decline the offer no later than 18 August.

A confirmed offer of admission – how do I apply?

If you are not offered a student place by mid-August, your standby place will be converted to a confirmed offer of admission for the following year. Please note that you must apply for admission on to the programme again the following year. You must also meet the admission requirements just like all other applicants – even if the admission requirements have changed. Please remember to upload a copy of your confirmed offer of admission letter along with a copy of your upper secondary school diploma and a copy of supplementary course and transcripts from college/university studies if applicable.

For Danish students

Danish students graduating their upper secondary exam in May 2022 and onwards and who will have their GPA re-calculated as a consequence of supplementary courses need to be aware that a confirmed offer of admission will be retracted if:

  • You do not take or pass your supplementary courses (if you need to take supplement courses to fulfil the admission requirements)
  • The re-calculation results in a lower GPA than the standby-cut off GPA the following year