Pre-commencement credit transfer - BSc in General Engineering

A pre-commencement credit transfer is an assessment that takes place after your admission. The assessment is initiated if you have previously passed courses at the bachelor level from DTU or other universities. The credit transfer assessment is mandatory if you have credits from a non-completed programme and optional if you have finished the degree.

If you have previously been enrolled in a study programme at the bachelor level that you have not completed, it must be assessed whether you are eligible for what is called a pre-commencement credit transfer. Be aware that the credit transfer assessment is only carried out if you get a study place, but you are obliged to provide the transcript of grades from your passed courses when applying for admission at

Do you have a non-completed study programme from DTU?

If you have previously passed courses from a non-completed study programme at DTU, you do not need to apply for pre-commencement credit transfer yourself. DTU will automatically make a pre-commencement credit transfer assessment, as we already have access to your previous results and course descriptions.
However, you must submit your transcript of grades from DTU at, if you are applying for a quota 2 assessment, as your course results will be part of this assessment.

Do you have a non-completed study programme from another educational institution?

If you have previously passed courses from a non-completed bachelor programme at another educational institution, you must:

  • Submit a transcript of grades at that shows your results and earned credits from the programme(s). If you do not have them when you fill out the application for admission, please get ahold of your transcript of grades as soon as possible and upload them at

  • Submit the transcripts within the deadline if the Admissions Office gives you a deadline. Your application for admission will be rejected if you fail to submit the transcripts on time.

  • Remember to apply for a pre-commencement credit transfer in August after you have accepted your offer of admission. The credit transfer team will send you an email with information on how to apply for the credit transfer in August.

The decision on pre-commencement credit transfer will be sent to your student email, and you must read your decision carefully. You can expect to get an answer around the start of the semester and, in some cases, also after the study start.

We encourage you to

  • Find the relevant course descriptions as soon as possible, even before you are admitted. This way, you will be ready with the relevant documents when it is time to apply for the credit transfer. You apply through DTU’s own credit transfer system.

  • Apply early on so you will have a better chance of receiving the decision of the assessment before the study start.

Mandatory or optional credit transfer?

If you are granted a credit transfer and the credits can be transferred to the mandatory part of the programme at DTU, then the credit transfer is binding and must be transferred.
On the other hand, if the credits can be transferred to the elective part of the programme at DTU, you can decide whether to accept the credit transfer or not.

Be aware that for every 30 ECTS credits transferred, your maximum study period will be reduced by one semester.
You can read more about the rules for pre-commencement transfer here.