Conditional admission for the BSc in General Engineering

Conditional admission means that you can still apply for admission although you do not fulfil all the specific admission requirements by the 5 July deadline. However, it is required that we have received the diploma for your upper secondary exam by the 5 July deadline.  

Therefore, you can take a supplementary course/raise a subject level or take an English test after the 5 July deadline. DTU only allows applicants to raise a maximum of two levels after 5 July. 

You can supplement regardless of whether you are applying for admission through quota 1 or quota 2. 

Applicants with a Danish upper secondary exam finished after 1 May 2022 need to be aware of the new rule about re-calculation.

How do I apply for conditional admission?

When you apply via, you must indicate which subject(s) and the level of the supplementary course you are enrolled in or are going to enrol in.

If you are offered conditional admission

If you are subsequently offered conditional admission, you have to provide documentation that you have passed the exam/English test no later than 1 September by uploading the result/diploma through UnistartDTU

Having conditional admission means that you can start the first semester along with the other new students. So even though you are not yet  fully admitted, you need to plan your travel to Denmark to be ready for study start (introduction week is usually carried out in late August).

Provision of supplementary courses

DTU offers supplementary courses at the upper secondary level; however, these are only taught in Danish. You can read more about the courses at DTU Adgangskursus.

Lower programme priorities and conditional admission

Please be aware that if you are offered conditional admission to a degree programme and fail your supplementary course, you will not be offered admission to any of the other degree programmes you have listed on your application.