Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Arctic Civil Engineering

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Arctic Civil Engineering is a BEng programme focusing on working as a civil engineer under extreme climatic conditions.

Greenland and the Arctic region are seeing rapid development. Homes and roads have to be built, water and energy have to be provided, wastewater and household waste have to be removed, and a solid economic basis has to be created for society by exploiting the vast natural resources.

The lessons is primarily conducted in danish.

What will you learn?

Arctic Civil Engineering gives you knowledge of the special climatic, natural, and cultural conditions you need to be aware of in order to work in Arctic regions.

The study programme also gives you general engineering competences in the areas of construction, environmental engineering, and planning, so you can work in fields such as construction adapted to Arctic conditions, infrastructure development in regions with isolated communities, protecting vulnerable environments, hydroelectric power plants, and mineral extraction.

You will learn to conduct studies in an Arctic environment, analyse the special issues and find a sound technological and sustainable solution.

Study programme structure

You will spend the first three semesters at the Arctic Technology Centre in Greenland’s second largest city, Sisimiut, which lies 50 km inside the Arctic Circle. You will be taught through field work here in the challenging Greenland environment by local experts and researchers from DTU.

You will spend semesters 4 and 5 studying at DTU in Ballerup and Lyngby.

You will spend semester 6 on an internship in a consulting engineering company, a construction company, a mining company, a government department, etc. in Greenland or another Arctic location. During semester 7 you will study electives at DTU or a university abroad.

The programme ends in semester 8 with a BEng project linked to the Arctic region.

Career opportunities

As a graduate, you will have good job opportunities in Greenland and other Arctic regions such as Northern Norway, Iceland, Canada, and Alaska.

There are also opportunities to work for companies in Denmark or internationally which work in Arctic regions. For example, you could get a position as a consulting engineer in a construction company or government ministry.