Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Global Business Engineering

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We live in a globalized world, where people, goods, and services are constantly crossing national borders. Insight into foreign cultures is essential when trading with other countries. Half of Denmark’s GDP comes from exports, but the potential is even greater. This is where you can make a difference as an export engineer.

What will you learn?

The Global Business Engineering study programme teaches you how to collaborate across borders, and work with technology, culture, and economics at the same time. Throughout the study programme you will acquire competences that build bridges between the technical and commercial world, while also gaining business insight and competences.

You will receive tuition in marketing, cultural understanding, design and innovation, economics, business law, sustainable production, and project management. This will give you a solid foundation to improve your skills in using Big Data and IT. You will also build on your English skills, which are essential for communicating at an international level. You will be equipped to prepare export strategies, develop business concepts and create good relationships, to the benefit of future employers.

Study programme structure

The first part of your study programme consists primarily of subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics, IT, databases, marketing, business economics, and sustainable production. The various elements are linked together through interdisciplinary project assignments, where you work on real-world issues.

During semester 6 you can study at a foreign university, as many choose to do, or take electives. In semester 7 you complete an internship with a Danish or foreign company. At the end of the study programme you have the opportunity to specialize in the areas that interest you most. The programme ends with your BEng project, which is often done in collaboration with a company.

Career opportunities

The export engineer’s combination of technology, economics, marketing and cultural understanding leads many to a career in marketing, sales, and project management. The unique combination of fields also allows you to act in a broader management context. You might also work with innovation, product development or financial management—including in international companies.